Nasal Twang: a Defect Makes Special and Unforgettable a Voice

Nasal twang is a defect of sound’s emission, caused by a improper escape of air through the nasal cavities. Not for this reason, a singer with this imperfection cannot be a a good singer. In fact, Eros Ramazzotti, a famous Italian singer, can be an example. He is well known also in many not English-speaking European countries and in Spanish-speaking world because he has translated many songs in Spanish. In the video, we can hear how particular is his voice.

Source in Italian

Start a Body Revolution

After some magazines started talking about an alleged weight gain, the singer Lady GaGa opened up about her struggle with eating disorders. She also posted on her social network some photos in which she proudly show off her curvier body. This is the first step of her association Born This Way Foundation’ new campaign called Body Revolution 2013. This campaign is willing to celebrate young boys and girls’ body by posting a picture of their imperfection with explanatory captions.
Thousands of fans joined her battle cry by sharing photos of missing teeth, scars, evidences of eating disorder and so on.



Beautifully Aware

“We are beautiful, no matter what they say, yes, words can’t bring us down,

We are beautiful in every single way” says Christina Aguilera in one of her most famous pop songs. Imperfection can’t prevent us from enjoying life, having a lot of friends and someone who loves us as we are: this song says that there will always be someone who criticizes us, but all we have to do is fight agains them, because everyone has imperfections and this does not mean lacking of something, but being someone who is aware of his particular and unique characteristics.


Educationally imperfect

Nowadays, part of the modern culture promotes some imperfections and leads people to show their “imperfections” and feel not ashamed by them. The main character of this sort of revolution is Lady Gaga who writes and sings lots of songs about this theme. The most representative song is “Born this way”.

I’m beautiful in my way
‘Cause God makes no mistakes
I’m on the right track, baby
I was born this way (chorus)

That’s why we have chosen an episode of the fiction “Glee”, which is about a group of  students who belong to a Music Club (called Glee) in an American high school. In this video they sing “Born this way” and everybody of them is wearing a T-Shirt where is written a sentence about their imperfections. Some examples are the soloist (who is an omsexual boy) wears  the sentence “Likes boys”, and another (who is a fat black girl) wears the sentence “No weave”.

Beautiful Imperfection

“The Nigerian-born songwriter employs a sultry alto, neo-soul rhythms and super-sunny vibes on her brand new album”.

“Paris-based Nigerian vocalist Bukola “Asa” Elemide is adept at weaving varicoloured musical tapestries: her second album mixes soul, reggae, lyrics in English and Yoruba – and a cover photo by fashionable Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Mondino, which suggests things aren’t quite as homespun as they sound. It’s a warm, inviting blend, with Asa’s husky, lightly swinging vocals its focal point. It’s undeniably cosy listening; Fela Kuti and Bob Marley were childhood idols, but their conscious commentary isn’t Asa’s thing, and when she does address the state of the world, her indignation is couched in wistful platitudes (“Why is there so much religion, yet there is so little love?”). But if Asa is no maverick, she’s very good at making mellow pop about life’s smaller tribulations. The Way I Feel, a scaled-down, finger-snapping blues tune is a beauty, and when she gets her jazz groove on in Bimpé and Be My Man, you wish the songs would never end.”