Art, Technology, Imperfection: Rosa Menkman and Aesthetics

“Glitches are the uncanny, brutal structures that come to the surface during a break of the flow within a technology; they are the primal data-screams of the machine. In the digital these utterances often take form following the “vernacular of file formats” (the encoded organizations of data). A file format signifies what protocols (formal descriptions and semantic rules) are used to structure or encode the information. Many different file formats exist, for different forms of information and every one of these formats possesses its own encoding structures, which can be understood as a grammar or idiom. When this idiom is broken, for instance by a glitch or a wrong encoding, the data in its basic/primal structures of encoding comes to the surface. Visually glitches show themselves through organizational structures like rasters, grids, blocks, points, interlacing vectors and frames and therefore often look complex, repetitive, discolored, fragmented and flickering”.


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Giordano Morganti: The Beauty From a Different Perspective

The photographer Giordano Morganti shows the beauty from a different perspective. He gives the opportunity to observe the individual through the lens of a photographic lens that takes us away from the frantic search of perfection, beauty, eternal youth and happiness and require the acceptance of the limits.

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When the Imperfection Tastes Good

Instagram is a free application that allows users to take photos, apply filters, and share many of the social networking features. Despite the few effects and the standardization of the product it is funny. Particularly interesting is the square format, even if much more difficult to manage than the classic 2/3.
The photos are imperfect but they ‘taste good’.

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The Imperfection Of Edward Scissorhands

“Peggy Boggs, representative of cosmetics in search of customers, goes to the left castle on the outskirts of the community where she live, and finds a strange young man, pale and frightened, that instead of hands has shears. He lives alone, after the sudden death of his inventor-father died before he could apply hands and his imperfection causes him serious difficulty. Peggy, moved to pity, took him into her  house, to make it live with his family. The strange visitor immediately arouse the curiosity of the inhabitants morbidly attracted by its “diversity”, and enthusiastic of the wonderful work that Edward is able to do with her scissors.”


The Beauty of Imperfection

With her collages Angelika J. Trojnarski remembers that sight and memory are defective senses, but also the only fishing hooks with which to pick up fragments of sense and to assemble new visions on the world. The unconscious gets excited under a mosaic of imaginary trembling that fight in surface to find one form of theirs in unstable balance between memory and present life.