Real Beauties- The Fashion System Desire Of Imperfection

Last year on the June issue’s front page of the Italian fashion magazine Vogue were photographed curvy women with the headline “Real Beauties”. Seems that finally fashion gives way to curvy gilrs considering them as expression of beauty and femininity.


Albert Watson, Imperfection’s Beauty //

The limit that becomes a secret of an amazing glance.
Since he was a child, Albert Watson is blind at one of his eyes and so he observes the world throught his one eye.
He has turned his sight defect into a strength, and this allows him to sculpt the picture according to some revolutionaries canons.
In fact in 1993 Albert Watson took a picture of Kate Moss on the sunshine of Marrakech and committed himself to the ” cascade of morrocan sunlight”, molding her body in plastic shades of black and white.
And that portrait drove all the fashion’s world mad!

The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Someone who looks at the Tower of Pisa for the first time can think that it was committed an error. A tower must be straight, otherwise it’s not a tower. But although its slope the Tower of Pisa is one of the most famous building in the world, and maybe if it hadn’t been “leaning”, it wouldn’t have gotten a success like that.