Perfect, this is the word that haunts Justin Jedlica

This 33 year-old New York is now internationally known as the “Ken human” through the choice that has followed over the last 10 years to undergo several surgeries, today arrived at an altitude of 90, to try to reach the ideal of beauty represented by Barbie’s companion.
The parts of his body are very few if not void that have not been touched by the scalpel: the nose, in particular is one that has undergone the greatest number of interventions, because well 5, to said Justin, was too large and had getting smaller and perfect desired!

24DBA93C00000578-2918318-image-m-2_1421764270123Uomo-Ken-570-7339853-400-629-1-100-justin-cop.pngUomo-Ken-570-8 Uomo-Ken-570-1Uomo-Ken-570-2Uomo-Ken-570-5 Uomo-Ken-570Uomo-Ken-570-4justin-jedlica-disposto-a-tutto-per-somigliare-a-kenHe fails to draw attention away from his goal that does not allow him to see the reality, made of plastic forms, stiff and unnatural.

Jolie and her imperfect beauty

Angelina Jolie, lean, pale but smiling, was so in his first public apparition after double mastectomy why l’actress has been to lower the odds of getting breast cancer, the same disease that killed him in 2007 at the age of 56 years mother of Angelina’s, Marcheline Bertrand, and same and that alone a few days ago they carried away Jolie’s aunt, Debbie, who died of cancer at 61 years. Ange, a mother of six, after having undergone test has found to be genetically predisposed to the disease being the bearer of the Brca1 gene and therefore, has made this decision. Ange, has always been an icon of beauty in the world, she is now a beauty (im)PERFECT for all of us.


Before the mastectomy


After the mastectomy


The portrait done by Johan Andersson


Video portrait

Life According to Sam

What is aging in Sam Berns, is aging in all of us. But in Sam’s body, the process is rapidly accelerated. When Sam was diagnosed with progeria at age two, his parents, Dr. Leslie Gordon and Dr. Scott Berns refused to accept that they would lose their son by age 13, the average age of death of a child with this disease. Eleven years later, Sam is 13 and his parents’ incredible race to save their son, has led to testing the first experimental drug that might prolong the lives of Sam and 28 other children from around the world that share this disease. Their discoveries may one day shed light on unlocking the aging process in us all.
Despite his physical appearance Sam, with his attachment to life , he has gone on beyond all expectations.


life-according-to-sam-19200  sam-berns_tedmed_041012-7Sam-berns-family

BOSTON, MA - NOVEMBER 9: From the HBO documentary "Life According to Sam", Sam Berns and Zdeno Chara #33 of the Boston Bruins walk out to center ice for the ceremonial puck drop before the game against the Toronto Maple Leafs at the TD Garden on November 9, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Brian Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images)

Sam Berns, 15, who has the very rare premature-aging disease progeria, plays the drums in his high school's marching band.




The sign of identification most sought after by talent scout is “tooth gap”. The charm of the smile “spaced” has infected the world of fashion and gave power to the imperfections, fundamental to stand out from the others. Whereas before they resorted to correct all errors and faults, today we find that the imperfection, It is a feature that only makes the person.

Ashley Smith (California , November 26, 1990 ) is a model “outside the box”, not very tall, with a big breast and not perfect teeth that distinguish her. She was selected by Prada as the face of his new collection.

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