“Glitch Art Is Dead” Exhibition


“Glitch Art Is Dead” was an exhibition who took place last year at Teatru Barakah in Kraków (Poland) and organized by Aleksandra Pieńkosz and Zoe Stawska from Polish Glitch Arts Collective.

This exhibition is focused on the meaning of “glitch”, that is a small problem or fault that prevents something from being successful or working as well as it should.

Glitch art, which was born in the digital era, is an aestheticization of digital or analog errors.

Here’s some works which were part of the exhibition.



Source: http://thecreatorsproject.vice.com/blog/glitch-art-is-dead

Kintsugi: Recognizing Beauty in Broken Things

Kintsugi is a Japanese technique about restoring a broken piece with a lacquer mixed with gold, silver or platinum. Instead of throwing away broken ceramic pieces, this 500-year-old art give them a new and precious life and a new value.

This art can be referred also to wabi sabi, a Japanese aesthetics and world view, centered on the beauty of imperfect and transitional things.

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Watch a video about kintsugi here.

#YouLookDisgusting – Em Ford


Em Ford is a make up artist and beauty blogger. She has a huge acne problem on her face and suddenly decided to post some photos of her face without make up, receiving millions of insults from her followers, especially from women. So she decided to record a video in which she showed all the comments she received, as social denounce.

Watch the video here.