Sabato Visconti’s Glitch Art

Sabato Visconti was born in São Paulo, Brazil in 1985. He began experimenting with glitch art processes in 2011 with the help of a defective memory card that randomly wrote zeroes on JPEG files. This experience marked a profound change in his artistic approach. Since then, Sabato’s work has been featured in publications like WIRED and PetaPixel; his work has also been shown internationally in galleries like the Tate Britain, LACDA, and others.

73014-4590536-monkey-3bwHamlet and His Problems

New Media / Glitch Art

Glitch art describes a set of materialist approaches to creating art using digital media. Glitch art practices aren’t always glitchy in the sense that they rely on software or hardware error, but they do all operate on the material properties of digital media: byte orders, pixels, compression, algorithms, software bugs, memory caches, and so forth.


73014-4590394-vertigo1Vertigo by Alfred Glitchcock


DK1_full2_xd2avoNo Country for Donkey Kong


73014-9663003-zxz09_jpgYour Experiences Aren’t Real

Alessandro Buzzi