Crazy Hair by Studio Marisol and CuldeSac


Professional hairdressing academy Studio Marisol created these photographs featuring huge bonnets made of plaited hair for a workshop with Spanish designers CuldeSac.Called Crazy hair, the workshop will take place at Domaine de Boisbuchet in August. Studio Marisol created bonnets, plaited shawls and busby-like styles for the shoot.

The following information is from CuldeSac:

CRAZY HAIR, the Boisbuchet Workshop by Studio Marisol and CuldeSac

In cooperation with Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Georges Pompidou, CIRECA has been putting on an international summer academy at Domaine de Boisbuchet since 1996. The international summer workshops are offered from July through mid- September. The courses are led by renowned designers, architects and artists who live and work together with the participants for a length of six to ten days.

In this current edition of Boisbuchet Workshops we are using human hair as our working and inspirational raw material. The main goal is to research, design and build a project by using cutting, shape, fixing, weaving, teasing, textures and colour.

But… how could these treatments have influence on design products? Hair’s properties are given to a new objects of design: versatility, resistance, structure, aesthetics, colour, light. We will also review the hair subject as a social and cultural element. Why do barristers still use wigs? Why does a woman have her hair done for a special occasion? Let’s give emotional value to this aspect as well. Let’s wonder why a good hair do could make us feel happier, more beautiful or uglier, better or worse… Let’s find the way to transfer this concept into a real object.dzn_Crazy-Hair-by-CulDeSac-3

Several exercises will guide us through this workshop that vary from simple to complex, from obvious to surprising, and from observation to experience.