Photography and Soul

“An extraordinary work, intense, poetic, dramatic, like the soul of each woman. The homage of a man and his journey in the female universe. Thanks Daniele Deriu – Photo Philosophy, the struggle of these women, trembles in your images. ” (Laura Tuveri) “Lately, in order to explain the concept of this series, the story of the Japanese practice of” kintsugi “(literally” repairing with gold “). When you break a vase which held particularly the Japanese throw it away instead of fix it, valuing the cracks with gold. Each ceramic “rebuilt” so presents a different blend of unique golden lines. The gold here is the determination, the will to fight and not to give up … the scars are the hallmarks of a warrior, something to be proud of. As in the Japanese practice, this project starts from the idea that imperfection of a wound can be born a form still “higher” of inner and outer beauty. ” (Daniele Deriu, the project author of “Scars of Life”) fb page: 12439468_656061464532088_4304082096451638207_n 12512777_656061524532082_6232068651853105119_n 12909420_656064021198499_2356840537504470232_o 12919852_656061437865424_1377804149529845000_n 12928350_656061631198738_5526085714322901208_n 12932671_656061284532106_8075363788765210711_n 12936756_656061557865412_53314725183976008_n 12938292_656061831198718_6298672359592641184_n

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