interconnection and incompleteness

Australia-based artist Paul Kaptein unites materiality with virtual reality in his series of sculptural wooden works, adding digital ‘glitches’ into each hand-carved piece. The warped and distorted proportions of his works are perceived as a mind-bending illusion, as the figure’s body unusually undulates and swerves as if interrupted by software. Each sculpture expresses a distinct mix between data streams and information networks typically seen on screen, and the intricate construction and tangibility inherent in the handmade works.

His work is concerned with the agency of the present moment. This is evidenced in his painstaking and exquisitely hand carved wooden figures and objects. Gaps between the laminated layers of wood are purposefully left, forming contours for emptiness and visual portals for what lays beyond. His artworks are inspired by contemporary culture, everyday observations, philosophical readings and inquiry, news reports, song lyrics, sporting events and politics, all deciphered with a wry dark humour. His works, apparently are through time and space, taps into this medium of emptiness, responding to the gap between immateriality and materiality.

 With the poise of one entering a black hole for the third time 2015 Laminated, hand carved wood, graphite.

The smell of rain 2015 Laminated, hand carved wood (Basswood - Tilia), graphite

 and in the endless sounds there came a pause 2014 laminated hand carved wood

Mute Figure #1 2015 Laminated, hand carved wood