An Imperfect Person in a Perfect City:

“Lulù Delacroix” is a book written by Isabella Santacroce.The story is set in a Perfect City,where everything is armony and beauty.Nothing worrys people’s life without any defects.In this world terrorised by each form of diversity,the little Lulù Delacroix represents a threath.She isn’t like other little girls:she hasn’t hair,but she has two big eyes,white skin and a very strange kind to express herself.None accepts her,not even her parents, who aren’t sweet with her and not even her sisters,who mistreat her.This child is a monster,scares people and won’t go out.Than she creates a personal universe to survive from reality which refuses her.Finally she finds a doll,Mimì,without arms and with one eye and together they will reach a new world and will defeat all prejudices.

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