The strength of the imperfection

The beauty ideal, the beauty concept is changing. The pursuit of perfection has given way to a search of “imperfect perfection”, a flawless appearance with a defect that emphasizes character and personality.You are the most handsome uglyman that  I knew,” says the seductive Lupe Sino to the Spanish bullfighter Manolete  in the movie  “The Passion Within.” In this film Adrien Brody (who plays the role of Manolete) doesn’t pass for his beauty. His powerful noseoccupies the entire space of the screen, but it gives him an irresistible charm.Imperfections complete perfection. It’s a trend that comes from overseas. For years we have pursued an ideal of absolute perfection. Hollywood actors have tried to remove and straighten any wrinkles (and so the expression) with Botox and teethwere whiter than bleached white.The standard of perfection has become too perfect,” writes the New York Times in an article in the October 19, 2010, entitled”The teeth are becoming less perfect.”It isn’t the symmetry that makes a person attractive, but the perfect imperfection. The teeth may be also less white than one degree,and they don’t have to stand in line like the candles aligned. If it is aesthetically pleasing, it is even allowed a little gap between them.Now this principle of ‘perfect imperfection’ is accepted and in some cases even searched. Models like Lara Stone or the australian Jess Hart had given the trend of ‘separeted teeth’. For now, the media have been mainly focused on female beauty, but also in the male world it seems there arethe same rules.