Misunderstanding Focus

Misunderstanding Focus is series of photo collages made by Nerhol, an ongoing collaboration between Ryuta Iida and Yoshihisa Tanaka.

Time lapse Portraits Layered and Cut to Reveal the Passage of Time sculpture portraits photography paper art

Time lapse Portraits Layered and Cut to Reveal the Passage of Time sculpture portraits photography paper art

Time lapse Portraits Layered and Cut to Reveal the Passage of Time sculpture portraits photography paper art

“At first glance it looks as though a photograph has been printed numerous times, layered and cut into a sort of sculptural topography, which would indeed be amazing enough, but Nerhol took things a bit further. The numerous portraits are actually different, photographed over a period of three minutes as the subject tried to sit motionless, the idea being that it’s impossible to ever truly be still as our center of gravity shifts and our muscles are tense. The portraits are actually a layered lime-lapse representing several minutes in the subjects life and then cut like an onion to show slices of time, similar to the trunk of a tree”.

Source: http://thisiscolossal.com

Photo Drips by Markus Linnenbrink

“The Photo Drips series, by German-born, Brooklyn-based Markus Linnenbrink, is pure rainbow-colored goodness. His pieces are positively dream-like and are explorations in color and texture all rolled into one. This series, pigment-tinted epoxy resin on photo-mounted wood panels, allows for brief moments of the photo to peek through the vivid paint lines, almost like memories fading in and out. The dripped lines of resin down the front of the panels appear like raised ridges that create depth throughout each piece. I love how the drips of resin have dried at the bottom of the panels like they were ready to drip off onto the floor. His work is simply mesmerizing” (Source: http://design-milk.com/markus-linnenbrink/).

AFTERTHERAIN(71), 2009, c-print, epoxy resin on wood, 48 x 72 inches

MEINWILDESHERZ, 2011, 6 x 10 feet, c-print, epoxy resin, pigments on wood

Source: http://www.markuslinnenbrink.com/

pxl by Rainer Kohlberger


pxl is a new iOS app, designed by Rainer Kohlberger. […] With its nostalgic filters reminiscent of analog cameras and expired film, Instagram has taken over the world. It makes sense. Instragram’s highly stylized filters, over-saturating color and pushing contrasts to their limits, are the perfect complement for the current wave of drab cellphone cameras.
In embracing the imperfect image, Instagram has made bad images look better. And it just so happens that nostalgia seems to pair perfectly with constantly, instantly shared experiences. People can create instant memories”.

Source: http://www.fastcodesign.com

Flexible Pixels by Benjamin Grosser

“The pixel is the fundamental unit of digital imaging, a square representation of a single color. Pixels are always the same size, and always arranged in orderly grids. This project looks at what happens when you change these universally agreed upon standards. More broadly, I’m interested in how the construction of digital images alters our perceptions of reality. Does computer-mediated vision change how we see without computers?”

Self Portrait 1x4x9 (2009), oil on canvas, 28″x30″

Self Portrait (2009), computationally-produced digital image using software written by the artist

Source: http://bengrosser.com/projects/flexible-pixels/