Tragic joy

“today we see a reversal in the form of events, social practices, and imaginaries […] bearers of a sensibility that takes to itself the transience of existence, eluding the paradigm of perfection and perfectibility.”

Vincenzo Susca, Gioia tragica, Milan: Lupetti, 2010, p. 189 (our translation from the Italian).

Thomas Ruff

“One day in 2000 I was downloading pictures from the internet to use in my work, and I noticed some of them were broken up into little squares. It created quite a painterly, impressionistic structure, and rendered parts of what was often an ugly image very beautiful. I looked into it, and found the Jpeg file-compression software was responsible.”

Thomas Ruff’s best shot, an interview by Leo Benedictus
The Guardian, Thursday 11 June 2009

© Thomas Ruff