In Praise of Imperfection

“The rise of a rhetoric of an ‘aesthetics of imperfection’ in the field of advertising would seem to confirm” the hypothesis that “a taste for imperfection is spreading across all fields of visual culture”.

The next 3 examples “are expressions of the commercial attempt to take possession of the truth of the flaw. The wish for irregularity and for the breaking of symmetry are so characteristic of the spirit of time that the public views admissions of flaws as genuine. It is hardly surprising, then, that communication experts try to veil their messages or products in a cloak of authenticity.”

Web Aesthetics, p. 164.

Imperfect, but you love them realized by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi for Maryland Cookies

Italian campaign for the launch of the BMW 5 Series

Praise of small flaws in the Singapore Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports campaign Beautifully Imperfect.

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