It’s not easy… it’s never easy.

Giusy Versace is a well-known Italy’s champion para-athlete : She lost her legs in an accident, but she kept her persistance and determination.

Giusy Versace – – Maurizio pighizzini

“It’s hard to confront yourself with the daily physical pain. Prosthetics, after all, aren’t your legs. So you wake up with a biting pain in different parts of your body,” the 30-something Italian says, pointing at her tummy and hips, “You can’t walk exactly like you walked yesterday. It’s different, every day.”




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 Giada Semeraro

Imperfection is a Champion

Every day people try to reach perfection in every single part of their life: Job, school, sport… The question is: Does Perfection really exist? Can we become unbeatable?
Well, maybe the answer is that each of us is perfect in our imperfection. Imperfection is a gift, imperfection is our strength and their… IMPERFECTION IS A CHAMPION!