When the Imperfection Tastes Good

Instagram is a free application that allows users to take photos, apply filters, and share many of the social networking features. Despite the few effects and the standardization of the product it is funny. Particularly interesting is the square format, even if much more difficult to manage than the classic 2/3.
The photos are imperfect but they ‘taste good’.

Source (in Italian): http://www.matteozanardi.it/Galleria-Fotografica/instagram

Start a Body Revolution

After some magazines started talking about an alleged weight gain, the singer Lady GaGa opened up about her struggle with eating disorders. She also posted on her social network some photos in which she proudly show off her curvier body. This is the first step of her association Born This Way Foundation’ new campaign called Body Revolution 2013. This campaign is willing to celebrate young boys and girls’ body by posting a picture of their imperfection with explanatory captions.
Thousands of fans joined her battle cry by sharing photos of missing teeth, scars, evidences of eating disorder and so on.

Source: littlemonster.com


Not an imperfect technique but a lot of narcisism

“The amateur is not necessarily defined by a lesser knowledge, an imperfect technique … but rather by this: he is the one who does not exhibit, the one who does not make himself heard.”
Roland Barthes, Réquichot et son corps, 1973.

What about the Boyz and Girlz du net by French photographer Mathieu Grac?
Is this a hide or a exhibition?

Mathieu Grac3

Mathieu Grac6
Mathieu Grac7

Mathieu Grac10Mathieu Grac13

Mathieu Grac12