Ashkan Honarvar’s War Faces

The fact that the wounds on these men’s faces are made of candy and ice cream makes them oddly unsettling. Utrecth-based artist, Ashkan Honarvar’s Facesseries seems to beautify what is inherently absent from fatal or horribly disfiguring wounds inflicted by soldiers during war.

Ashkan says his work, “constitutes a search for a universal representation of the evil latent in every human, providing an opportunity for reflection. His aesthetic dissection has an intriguing macabre nature, which opens the images to interpretation.


Ashkan Honarvar Faces 5 (4)

Ashkan Honarvar Faces 5 (1)

Ashkan Honarvar Faces 5 (3)


Anna Bodnar: Artistic Photography //

“Some time ago I wrote to Aldona. She asked about the sessions. Often write to me different girls who want to “get on a project,” but rarely agree, unless you delight me if interested. Aldona was really such beautiful.[…] It turned out that Aldona is very unique. Aldona was born with no arms and no legs. But in Aldona is the most amazing optimism. That it could infect half of humanity, such a pandemic optimism, it would be divine. […]
But back to Aldona, it came to me in a Sunday a few weeks ago with my mom. Her mom is incredibly strong woman, not in a physical sense, but certainly in that too, but in the mental or whatever it is called there. In the end she had to instill in Aldona this giant optimism. The Aldona session was a great pleasure for me as a photographer. Aldona is a great model and works with it perfectly.” (Translated from Polish)

“Aldona is 18 years old. She loves modelling and wants to be a professional one day. I wanted to show her deformity, but at the same time to portray her as a beautiful, optimistic and brave woman.” A.B.

Anna Bodnar is a philologist by education and graphic designer. She considers photography as a starting material on which operate and represent her own personal conception of surrounding reality. By using graphic programs, such as Photoshop, she is able to create what she calls “surrealist images”, whose main subject is human body.

akt-grafika komputerowa-fotografia aktu-artystyczna fotografia

Akt-fotomontaż-grafika-fotografia konceptualna

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