Coldplay has released a bizarre new video for their third single titled Up&Up,from their current album, A Head Full of Dreams : I thought I’d post it because it shows everything beautiful around us,each part of the world and its opposite, so the imperfects of the world in all its greatness. But up is down, down is up, normally large concepts have been miniaturized and nothing is the same.  With the help of directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the Biritsh band turned seemingly ordinary activities and images into the extraordinary:

While its overall tone is quirky, dreamlike and playful, it also makes some serious political points, with imagery including boats overcrowded with people, a beach with a huge concrete wall blocking the sea and children in a war-torn landscape.

Heymann and Muggia commented in a statement that they were “inspired by many collage artists, past and present. Hopefully the images do the rest of the talking.”

Indiana Times


Giada Semeraro

Vaporwave: Digital Rebels


The Vaporwave is a music genre born around the 2010s among the internet community as Bandcamp, Tumblr and Soundcloud.

It’s rooted in the sub-genres of electronic music such as 80’s pop, lounge, smooth jazz, and synth pop. The Vaporwave is visually characterized from retro charm for the typical digital aesthetics of video games, technology, advertising and Japanese culture of the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000s.

This style is focused on the satirical critique of consumer society and popular culture through the use of sampling that is often pitched, layered or altered  in a classic “chopped and screwed”. It combines music and images of classical sculptures,1990s web design, computer renderings and VHS, presenting itself as a degrading of commercial music in an attempt to reveal the false promises of capitalism.


The founders of the movement are both James Ferraro, with the albums Far Side Virtual, and Chuck Person (aka Oneohtrix Point Never) with Eccojams Vol.1. However the first album that gained popular recognition is Floral Shoppe by Macintosh Plus (aka Vektroid).

Vektroid describes her album as “a brief glimpse into the new possibilities of international communication” and “a parody of American hypercontextualization of e-Asia circa 1995.”

Others see this genre as the answer of digital age to punk. In an interview for the magazine Dummy, Liz, co-founder of SPF420 site, explained:

“Vaporwave, in my opinion, is our current ‘punk scene’. The digital rebels. The ones who ‘steal’ others’ music, just to manipulate it and chop it up a bit. That is so fucking punk…It’s like how punk bands only knew how to play power chords. It’s brilliant. Vaporwave isn’t lazy, and neither is punk. I think that these two genres of music are parallel: short tracks with messages that are very literal, made with minimal intent (for the most part).”








Famous Musicians Portaits

There are some famous musicians portraits created with a lot of old CDs.

“For the inauguration of First Floor Under, a pop-vanguard culture magazine, artists Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano spent more than 200 hours lining up the CDs to recreate the portraits of seven world-famous musicians including Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix,Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury.
The project was a part of TBWA Italy’s campaign against music piracy. What’s amazing is that they made these incredible CD portraits using nothing but 6500 of musicians’ own albums!”

Michael Jackson
Bob MarleyJimi HendrixFreddie MercuryElvis PresleyJim MorrisonJames Brown

Chiara Barbera

A Terrible, Great Voice

Florence Foster Jenkins was an American soprano, but her voice was totally tone-deaf. Her parents didn’t want her to sing, but she didn’t care. In spite of her terrible voice, her shows were always successful beacuse the public considered them very funny. Florence knew that her voice wasn’t perfect, but she always said “People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing”.

The Daylight Project

On September 18, 2012, the band announced on their website: “We need YOUR help for our next music video. We’re asking YOU to record and share ‘YOUR story’, and that recording may be handpicked to appear in the video for our third single, ‘Daylight’, directed byJonas Akerlund.” Levine says, “As different as we all are, there are common themes that bring us together, inspire and show everyone what is important today. With this video, we’ll present the world today and beyond, creating more than just a music video.”They also launched a website called “Daylight Project” for more information and for people to submit their video. The music video was released on December 10, 2012. The accompanying music video sees fans express things they love and hate throughout the clip, after the band asked them to submit entries online.