Amateur Pornographic Productions

“No reflection on digitally pirated cultural products is complete without some discussion of pornographic materials. More interesting than the mere proliferation of international bestsellers is the increasing amount of amateur materials. These amateur productions are important because they undermine the model of sexuality based on the obsessive repetition of insubstantial narrative routines”

“The element of fantasy that is always censured by ‘mainstream’ pornography regains life in amateur pornographic productions, such as in private videos that have been stolen and, more rarely, in artistic pornography. In these cases, viewers are encouraged to construct a narrative … In other words, viewers are encouraged to open the doors to fantasy. These realities are finally antagonistic to the industry’s attempts to crystallize an aesthetics of desire. As users of pornography become used to equating low-resolution images with the truth, and increasingly reject the commercialized images as unrealistic, the industry seeks to recover its market share by producing fake amateur videos – thus reinforcing the shift towards disturbed aesthetic experiences”.

Web Aesthetics, p. 164 – 165.