Reflections ‘Narcissuses and other flowers’. Mirrors.

Designer Eglė Stonkutė | Photography by Martyna Jovaišaitė

001Looking at the mirror too much used to be a sin in the middle ages. A lot of ‘Narcissuses and other flowers’ blossomed in nowadays society though. They record their looks using smart technology and admire their appearances. Deformations seen in the mirrors are inspired by the constantly moving surface of the water, which is determined by exterior powers like sound waves and nature’s elements like wind. Reflections’ deformations attract the attention to inside beauty and listening to oneself.

002The first mirror is an interpretation of circular waves of water in plastic.

The next- an extract from the legend of Narcissus was an inspiration for crooked bottom form (elongated reflections on the crooked surface): ‘…how many times he put his hands into the water trying to take his sister out of the river that many times he failed…’

Concave moving mirror turning the view upside-down is an allusion to a view seen through a drop of water.

The reflection of the mirror gets bigger at a certain distance of an object getting closer.


The third mirror- composition of crooked mirror stripes is inspired by the constant moving of the water which totally deforms the reflection. Moreover, it makes a distance between you and your ‘real reflection’ and stimulates good emotions for a viewer, who share those emotions meanwhile they forget a ‘perfect’ or ‘imperfect’ appearance.


Pleasant emotions and unexpected perspectives of a reflection in all the mirrors move away people from outside world of reflections and let dive into things that the most matter – feelings and self-analysis.