Lomography and imperfection

“Don’t think. Be opened. Just shoot” is the essence of lomography which recently forms a “no skill required” trend within photography society. With the casual snapshot philosophy and the lomographic characteristics, including the flood of high contrast and over-saturated color theory, eccentric vignette framing, unsharp composition, and imperfection exposure. Lomography is an abstract representation of an understanding of life with the notion of translating the freedom through lomo. … Certainly, lomo is fun and exciting as it contains the fundamental nature of film photography – results might vary and out of expectation. Lomographer believes, the quality of the lomography does not matter and it supposes to be in a certain blurry effect to represent the abstraction or beautifully imperfection.”

Source: openobject.org

Be fast.
Accidentally moving

Images taken from: lomography.com