About plastic surgery

Marie-Lou Desmeules is an artist who uses pure pigment to transform living models into bizarre sculptures of surreal celebrity lookalikes. Her work refers in particular to plastic surgery which often for some reason or another, didn’t exactly go as anticipated. We can read in her work a veiled complaint to reality television, which imposed this kind of beauty.

Physical Transformation

We can see actors transformed to fit completely into the character of a film in which they starred . Some of the transformations are truly amazing , it’s not just the makeup and hair , but also to actual physical changes, such as haircuts , losses or drastic weight gain . In short , being an actor is not a walk , and it’s not just money and fame , we must also make compromises and sometimes change things about their appearance they do not want to ever change . It must be said that some of these actors are really transformed beyond recognition , it will surprise you to find out who they really are few movie characters who may have seen.

Chiara Barbera

Datamoshing : when technology error become art

Datamoshing is the practice of intentionally using compression artifacts in digital video and animated GIFs that is sometimes to referred to as “glitch art.”

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/635048-datamoshing

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/photos/635048-datamoshing

According to the tech blog Bit_Synthesis published a post titled “Datamoshing – the Beauty of Glitch,” the practice of datamoshing had been used by digital artists since at least 2005. In 2006, a technique created by artists Betrand Planes and Christian Jacquemin transcodes one lossy video format into another was demonstrated with the modified DivX video codec DivXPrime.

On August 2nd, 2007, YouTuber Michael Crowe uploaded a video titled “Takeshi Murata,” which featured a montage of datamoshed videos (shown below).


On February 24th, 2009, YouTuber datamosher uploaded a datamosh instructional video (shown below). On June 16th, rapper Kanye West released the music video for his song “Welcome to the Heartbreak” (shown below), which featured many datamoshed video artifacts. Within the first four years, the video gathered more than 10.3 million views and 11,400 comments.

On May 16th, 2011, YouTuber Yung Jake uploaded a music video titled “Datamosh,” which included a variety of compression artifacts (shown below). On March 25th, 2012, the /r/brokengifs subreddit was launched, featuring animated GIFs created using datamoshing techniques.


(The original source of this article is: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing#fn4)

The data is used today to make political and social satire , not to mention the artistic aspect . As the leading exponents of street art . Below some example.


source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos


source: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/datamoshing/photos

It’s not easy… it’s never easy.

Giusy Versace is a well-known Italy’s champion para-athlete : She lost her legs in an accident, but she kept her persistance and determination.

Giusy Versace – www.giusyversace.it – Maurizio pighizzini

“It’s hard to confront yourself with the daily physical pain. Prosthetics, after all, aren’t your legs. So you wake up with a biting pain in different parts of your body,” the 30-something Italian says, pointing at her tummy and hips, “You can’t walk exactly like you walked yesterday. It’s different, every day.”




Other Sources Gulf Times

 Giada Semeraro


Coldplay has released a bizarre new video for their third single titled Up&Up,from their current album, A Head Full of Dreams : I thought I’d post it because it shows everything beautiful around us,each part of the world and its opposite, so the imperfects of the world in all its greatness. But up is down, down is up, normally large concepts have been miniaturized and nothing is the same.  With the help of directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia, the Biritsh band turned seemingly ordinary activities and images into the extraordinary:

While its overall tone is quirky, dreamlike and playful, it also makes some serious political points, with imagery including boats overcrowded with people, a beach with a huge concrete wall blocking the sea and children in a war-torn landscape.

Heymann and Muggia commented in a statement that they were “inspired by many collage artists, past and present. Hopefully the images do the rest of the talking.”

Indiana Times


Giada Semeraro

Perfectly Imperfect

Her face is asymmetrical, her teeth are a little ‘crooked, but they make her look younger (although a little vampire) and, at the age of 29, she already has some expression wrinkle. Kirsten Dunst, who won as best Actress at the last film festival of Cannes for her performance in Melancholia of Divon Trier, declares that it is the perfection to scare her and that it’s not fair to correct wrinkles andpimples with digital techniques to role in a film towards the audience. Sometimes it is better to accept ourselves as we are.
She remembers that when she was a young girl, her mother always scolded her because she never  valued her lips enough, which were too pale and thin. For this reason Dunst, does not go out without putting a beautiful lipstick. About the teeth, they have become a way to find out who is the real friend.
She said: “When people ask me why I didn’t repair my teeth, I get angry a lot. If I wanted to do it, I would have done, so why get bored if the other note my imperfection? Hollywood is already full of plastic and identical  people,I don’t want to be one of them. ”

kirsten dunstkirsten dunst

Belen Rodriguez: ” I’m imperfect”

During the last Pitti fashion show Belen Rodriguez spoke about her life, her work and her private life.
Belen defines herself imperfect: “I’m imperfect,be perfect is boring. Now that I’m pregnant I can not be a model, so I decided to have fun creating new ideas for this collection. On Facebook I get so many messages of girls ask me advice on how to dress. ”
The private showgirl said: “For now I’m getting married. I am not convinced that a marriage can make an eternal relationship, for this there is need of love and commitment every day. At the end of the marriage is a contract, it’s like a contract of employment. I’m not saying that I will never marry, but I would make a good party, perhaps with a shepherd who gives a blessing. “Love the belly:” I’m almost seven months, I did not diet, but I did not take many pounds. I like myself so, because before I was too thin. “On behalf of the child, Santiago, anticipates:” It ‘a name I’ve always liked as a child. ”

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Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres: Impefect/Perfect Art

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres was a french painter. During his life,he realized a lot of work,but heconcentrated his attention on the portraits of women,in which he usually deformed a body part. For example,he realized ”The Great Odalisque” and ”The Valpincon baither”. In both of them,the back of women is not regular.


Where Is Hello kitty’s Mouth?

Have you ever noticed that Hello kitty hasn’t got mouth? Its designer, Yuko Yamaguchi, made it on pourpose. “I want people to be able to project their feelings on her. Kitty looks happy when people are happy and she looks sad when people are sad” –  Yamaguchi says – ” If she had a mouth, she would have an expression and nobody could find in her his mood, so I preferred to paint it not.”

Hello Kitty Pictures 8

Sources: http://slowbuddy.com/photography/hello-kitty-pictures/

  (in Italian)  http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_Kitty

A Terrible, Great Voice

Florence Foster Jenkins was an American soprano, but her voice was totally tone-deaf. Her parents didn’t want her to sing, but she didn’t care. In spite of her terrible voice, her shows were always successful beacuse the public considered them very funny. Florence knew that her voice wasn’t perfect, but she always said “People may say I can’t sing, but no one can ever say I didn’t sing”.

Piero Chiambretti: “The beauty of perfection? The imperfection”.

Piero Chiambretti is an italian showman. He partecipated at the last edition of Milanesiana,the theme of ehich has been the imperfection. During his performance,Chiambretti has read a text that was written by the same italian showman.
Here there is a text’s transltion,but in the end there is also the source in which there is the original text,that is in italian.

When the Milanesiana’s queen Elisabetta Sgarbi in a hotel’shall in Turn,near at the the Salone del Libro,with a very deternmined air said to me:” For you I have a perfect thing” I thought to a performance about the crisis of rejection of TV,or about the mass comunication,or,about the legend of Big Turin.
It wasn’t so. The theme of this edition is the imperfection. I ask to myself which was the relation between me and this theme. I spent a lot of days to find an answer,that,for fortuity,looking in the mirror,I arrived at the truth. The sociologist of Houston , Brenè Brown,wrote an interesting book entitled ”The imperfection’s talent”,in which she show the defect as a new taste’s horizon. Defects and the courage to show them are considered now as symbol of personality and particularity. The austrian aphorist and writer Karl Kraus,about this theme was lapidary: ”To be perfect the only thing missing to her was a defect”.
The perfection’s obsession during the last decades found in the scalpel a faithful tool.
When everything is perfect,it’s the moment to be more worry.
Noses,mouths,cheeks,breasts,crow’s feet,they all made available to the achievement of the masterpiece.
Shame that true perfection is the imperfection. It’s enough to take a ride to the streets to note how cosmetic surgery is the true litmus test of this concept. Monsters we find are sublimes and happy about their adjustments. I saw in some bar,women laughingas camels,in TV,girls transformed in gas cylinders,on the catwalks designers who seem masks to Viareggio Carnival .
Rita Levi Montalcini during one hundred and one years , has never been to the beautician. My compatriot has published a book entitled ”Praise to the imperfection”,in which she write without fear,that her life has been imperfect. Not surplisingly she earned a Nobel Prize in 1986. I wonder ,if she is not perfect,who is perfect? Dolce and Gabbana?. Striving for excellence excites you,aspire to the perfection distress you. The imperfection is perfect. A paradox that has deep roots: Empedocles,Aristotle,and the more contemporary Bruno Vespa ,support the contention that if the world were perfect could not improve.
Billy Wilder comes to my aid when he says “No one is perfect.” I look and do not see myself perfect, but complete with all necessary parts. The best perfection is imperfection.
Is called perfect person who can reach his goal. In life I wanted to be high.
Seven years was very high, at fifteen I was the same, ie low.
I did not grow due to a problem in a gland, said to my mother some endocrinologists, “The face do a bit of these injections, it gains a few inches safe.” I bucarono my ass for six months, then it was discovered that the treatment was against the ‘orchitis.
I came two testicles touching the ground. The feeling of drag testicles along the sidewalk at the risk of stepping on, was to feel even smaller.
Imperfect, to be perfect for the comic.
It was my luck.

SOURCE: http://www.ilgiornale.it/news/cultura/bellezza-perfezione-sta-nell-imperfezione.html

Elisabeth of Austria: Perfection make imperfection

Elisabeth of Austria or simply Sissi, was born in 1837 and in her life a lot of things happened. When she was sixteen,she married his cousin,the Emperor Of Austria,Franz Joseph 1°. She is an historical icon. During her life,she had a lot of problems.
Elisabeth had a lot of passions,including horses,that she loved.
But the Empress of Austria can be considered an imperfect beauty. In fact, the real woman wanted to be perfect and so she took care of her hair,but she was a thinness maniac: she was very thin. Elisabeth’s thinness was due to his research of perfection,but actually, she was not perfect. In addition his thinness caused her a depression that increased when in January,30th, 1889,the son,Rudolph committed suicide to Mayerling afetr murdering the lover,Maria Vetsera.
In the end,Elisabeth is a symbol to how the research of perfection provoke imperfection,not only to the body,but also to the soul of a person.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Empress_Elisabeth_of_Austria

The Yaeba Smile

While most cultures have gained an attachment to perfection when it comes to teeth, in Japan, girls are finding snaggle teeth to be preferable. Yaeba actually means double tooth, it’s used to describe a dental oddity that occurs when two molars crowd the canines and create an effect of one of the teeth being pushed forward and another back. It occurs naturally because of a delay in baby teeth, or a mouth is abnormally small for the size of the teeth, creating crowding. We actually have seen snaggle tooth occur in American celebrities. Kirsten Dunst for example, loves her snaggle teeth and it is now seen to be part of her image. Part of the popularity is because of celebrities having kept their yaeba teeth; it also offers a youth like appearance. The most popular reason people give is that it makes girls seem approachable and less than perfect, so men prefer it and it is the actual driving force.




















Defects of Stars

Perfection is boring. They are not the faces of plastic, all identical and inexpressive to remain etched in our memory. Of irregular features, a scar, a wide jaw: to make their mark are the unusual features that go beyond the classical canons of beauty, making it a unique face. Stars also have understood it, which they struggle more to correct their faults but make it your strength. Venus also had a small defect in the eyes!The secret of the appeal of Julia Roberts is all in his mouth with a smile that never seems to end, so much so that the actress has premunita to secure it to a value of 30 million dollars. Jennifer Aniston, thanks to her chin large and prominent, was released by the anonymity of the typical Hollywood blonde and won the title of America sweetheart. The same applies to Sarah Jessica Parker, which remains a style icon despite the nose important. Not to mention Christina Ricci and her doll face, with a forehead that only sometimes is hidden by a strategic bangs.A smile with perfect teeth, it’s just for advertising toothpaste. Among the people who refused to put the device without problems and show the space between her front teeth, there are also Madonna, Lara Stone, Anna Paquin and timeless Brigitte Bardot.Height is half beauty. Now we can look at Kylie Minogue. With its 1,52 cm tall, the Australian singer is a real “concentrate” of charm and beauty.Then there are defects that make sympathy, making the dive a bit more human. As the ears of Kate Hudson, or like Karolina Kurkova, the Victoria’s Secret angel with a statuesque physique but no navel. That’s right, is not the fault of a careless graphic that you got carried away with Photoshop, but an intervention who model has suffered when she was a child and that she left with the navel “polished”.Even Megan Fox is perfect as it seems. The American actress is in fact suffering from brachydactyly, a malformation that leads to the right thumb much smaller than the left. But with a face like that, who looks to her hands?


The strength of the imperfection

The beauty ideal, the beauty concept is changing. The pursuit of perfection has given way to a search of “imperfect perfection”, a flawless appearance with a defect that emphasizes character and personality.You are the most handsome uglyman that  I knew,” says the seductive Lupe Sino to the Spanish bullfighter Manolete  in the movie  “The Passion Within.” In this film Adrien Brody (who plays the role of Manolete) doesn’t pass for his beauty. His powerful noseoccupies the entire space of the screen, but it gives him an irresistible charm.Imperfections complete perfection. It’s a trend that comes from overseas. For years we have pursued an ideal of absolute perfection. Hollywood actors have tried to remove and straighten any wrinkles (and so the expression) with Botox and teethwere whiter than bleached white.The standard of perfection has become too perfect,” writes the New York Times in an article in the October 19, 2010, entitled”The teeth are becoming less perfect.”It isn’t the symmetry that makes a person attractive, but the perfect imperfection. The teeth may be also less white than one degree,and they don’t have to stand in line like the candles aligned. If it is aesthetically pleasing, it is even allowed a little gap between them.Now this principle of ‘perfect imperfection’ is accepted and in some cases even searched. Models like Lara Stone or the australian Jess Hart had given the trend of ‘separeted teeth’. For now, the media have been mainly focused on female beauty, but also in the male world it seems there arethe same rules.

The Pursuit of Imperfection

We are used to see these celebrities posing on the covers of the most important magazines from all over the world. As we see this show of perfect beauty, we would think that they spend the whole day acting in tv shows and working out in gym.
They are the image of “perfection” for young girls and women.
But lately seems like they want to destroy this halo of perfection by publishing variety of photos in which they show off what they actually do during their free time. What surprises the most is that for the first time ever these girls don’t wear any make up! By sharing their private photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram , they are becoming closer and closer to their fans thanks to the more familiar contact with the so called “followers”.
Is that a pursuit for imperfection or a trick to receive the assent from imperfect/normal girls?