Low Resolution Cinema

“Julien Marie‚Äôs Low Resolution Cinema (2005)31 is an abstract vision of the geopolitical space of the city of Berlin. Through a series of expedients, among which is the drastic lowering of the resolution, Marie aims at decompressing the image in a 3-D space. A special projector realized by two semi-broken black-and-white Liquid Crystal Displays is used to show only the upper or the lower part of the image, which is constantly moving closer and further from the projector lamp, which itself also moves back and forth. The resulting image is so damaged that it evokes the scrolling matrix code seen in The Matrix, or the tight characters produced on the scroll of a dot matrix printer. In Low Resolution Cinema the perfection of the image becomes a shaded memory, but the magic of cinema, that illusion produced by moving images, remains absolutely intact.”
Web Aesthetics, p. 163.