Lola Dupré’s Collages

Lola Dupré is a collage artist and illustrator currently based in Badajoz, Spain. Working exclusively with paper and scissors her work references both the Dada aesthetic of the early 20th Century and the digital manipulations of the present day.
Since 2000 Lola has lived and worked in Scotland, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Ireland and now Spain. Lola is currently working on upcoming exhibition and editorial projects.


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Jarek Puczel


Born in Ketrzyn, Poland in 1965, Jarek Puczel received his MA from the University of Warsaw in 1990. He approaches his work with the idea that life is a movie or a game of illusion and the world is a playground where different realities play with one another. Puczel catches the calmness of apparently simple and unspectacular situations with an impressive modesty and apparent ease. He creates an interesting and tense moment, which we can neither escape nor interpret appropriately. The reduced, yet still expressive colors in his compositions create an outstanding clarity that seems less disturbing than it has a soothing and allaying effect on the viewer. He explores the empty silence of different situations and reduces the image to the most essential details, thus forcing us to read between the lines and let ourselves dive into the situation depicted. , , ,

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In Praise of Imperfect Bodies

Seattle photographer Ashley Armitage , already known for having photographed women hair or wool , has gone a step further in the celebration of normal female bodies by proposing an imperfect physical gallery. Sagging breasts , stretch marks , scars , pimples, cellulite , unwanted hair and fat rolls.


Armitage opposed to perfect photos of beautiful models and retouched , its images of real women , with normal bodies and not be affected by editing programs.
” We have always been the subject of paintings and painters never , ” said Armitage .


Historically , the image of the female body has been subjected to standards of beauty imposed by men.


Stop Acid Attacks

The campaign Stop Acid Attacks has produced a calendar with pictures of women survivors of acid attacks .
it is not the usual calendar that portrays supermodels costumed in exotic locations around the world . In their place , the photos show some of the women who survived one of the worst crimes that can be committed : the attack with acid. In 12 photos , each of the women is portrayed while he is engaged who dreams of being in life . ” The goal was to show their dreams , ” said Rahul Saharan fact , one of the three photographers who took care of the project , the Quartz website .

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Datamoshing : when technology error become art

Datamoshing is the practice of intentionally using compression artifacts in digital video and animated GIFs that is sometimes to referred to as “glitch art.”



According to the tech blog Bit_Synthesis published a post titled “Datamoshing – the Beauty of Glitch,” the practice of datamoshing had been used by digital artists since at least 2005. In 2006, a technique created by artists Betrand Planes and Christian Jacquemin transcodes one lossy video format into another was demonstrated with the modified DivX video codec DivXPrime.

On August 2nd, 2007, YouTuber Michael Crowe uploaded a video titled “Takeshi Murata,” which featured a montage of datamoshed videos (shown below).


On February 24th, 2009, YouTuber datamosher uploaded a datamosh instructional video (shown below). On June 16th, rapper Kanye West released the music video for his song “Welcome to the Heartbreak” (shown below), which featured many datamoshed video artifacts. Within the first four years, the video gathered more than 10.3 million views and 11,400 comments.

On May 16th, 2011, YouTuber Yung Jake uploaded a music video titled “Datamosh,” which included a variety of compression artifacts (shown below). On March 25th, 2012, the /r/brokengifs subreddit was launched, featuring animated GIFs created using datamoshing techniques.


(The original source of this article is:

The data is used today to make political and social satire , not to mention the artistic aspect . As the leading exponents of street art . Below some example.










Brutal Paris

Brutalism is an architectural movement, this is seen as the overcoming of the Modern Movement in architecture.
Brutalism often uses the roughness of the exposed cement (in French béton brut, conceived the first time by Le Corbusier), whose plastic shapes, machined and shaped in particular as in the pilotis or in the fireplaces of “Unité d’Habitation”, show with expressive power the structure.

The Polish creative studio Zupagrafikahas produced a new series called Brutal Paris kit, which includes six icons of brutalism in Paris: