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Marilyn Monroe, an icon of Beauty.

Comparing her beauty with that proposed from new icons of beauty nowadays, we can see the difference of standards of beauty. So, we can make a reflection: Beauty is a subjective factor, wich is in the   look of the beholder. It is useless to scrumble ourselves to criticize the society for what it requires with his models. After all, the original beauty, that captures the look , always remains the same.

from: Valentina Soldo

Diane Arbus: the monster photographer //

Photography, in the work of Diane Arbus, means: emancipation, liberty and rebellion.

Emancipation from the opressive 50’s “american way of life”, in wich the only dream allowed to a good woman is a home with a green garden out of the city, a dog and a new son;to making herself at home , constricted in chaste dresses, metaphor of a severe society where a person couldn’t show himself in a free way,and were constricted to hide his “difference”behind a voile of hypocrisy…

Somebody asked Diane why she had dedicated herself seriously to photography only at the age of 38, she answered, with a  crystalline sarcasm:” because a woman spend most of her life looking for a husband,learning how to be a good housewife and mother, and how to solve these roles as well as she can…so, it isn’t left any time to do other things.

Diane is called: “The Monster photographer”, because she captured the real nature of human being,and show shamelessly the hide part of them.


By: Valentina Soldo