Freezing a No-stop Moving City as Hong Kong

The photographer Brian Yen captures the true nature of over-populated metropolis of Hong Kong through its long-exposure photographs, revealing the dizzying paths for pedestrians and vehicles. In this way even a city in perpetual motion can stop on a photograph.


Angels Fallen from Heaven

Gustavo Lacerda, a Brazilian photographer of São Paulo, has made a series of very special photographs : “the albinos”.The feeling that accompanies the images is the reflection of a complex interpersonal and professional job elapsing between Lacerda and his models in their timidity and unique beauty. In this way they are admirably led to an authenticity that makes art. This is a good example of how beauty can be imperfect yet totally disconnected by mistake (visible but not relevant). Perfection and Beauty are not synonyms but represent an open road to achieving a truth that transcends the stereotype, the commonplace, reaching sky-high levels of beauty and purity. The strongest feeling that comes is of lightness and delicacy, though in some pictures there is a tension in the air caused by shyness.                                                                                                                 “I like to photograph ordinary people in my personal work. Often, people are more beautiful in its imperfections. That’s what makes us more humans.” Gustavo Lacerda

Albinos: gli angeli caduti di Gustavo Lacerda

Albinos: gli angeli caduti di Gustavo Lacerda

Albinos: gli angeli caduti di Gustavo Lacerda

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Nasal Twang: a Defect Makes Special and Unforgettable a Voice

Nasal twang is a defect of sound’s emission, caused by a improper escape of air through the nasal cavities. Not for this reason, a singer with this imperfection cannot be a a good singer. In fact, Eros Ramazzotti, a famous Italian singer, can be an example. He is well known also in many not English-speaking European countries and in Spanish-speaking world because he has translated many songs in Spanish. In the video, we can hear how particular is his voice.

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Imperfections in a Movie

Gomorra is a 2008 Italian movie directed by Matteo Garrone, based on the famous book by Roberto Saviano. It talks about the Casalesi clan, a crime syndicate within the Camorra. This film make us understand how great is Camorra’ influence in the everyday life, above all in Naples. Matteo Garrone used a particular way to direct the film. Hand-held shot, the use of not-professional actors, ambient sounds, grainy pictures, dark scenes make the film imperfect but more realistic.

Quotation by Pascoli

“Oh! Come è necessaria l’imperfezione per essere perfetti!”                                      Giovanni PascoliIl fanciullino, 1897

“Oh!How is necessary the imperfection to be perfect!”

As in the Platonic myth of the Phaedo exists within us a child who is confused childhood with us, but, even with the onset of maturity, it grows and continues to make its voice naive and primitive, suggesting the emotions and feelings that only a child can have. Often, however, this part which has not grown by adults is no longer heard. Instead the poet is one who is able to listen and give voice to the little boy in him and try to nature the same feelings of awe and wonder of your child or the primitive state of humanity. So the child is the perfect figure that makes us feel emotions and sensations that a grown man can not prove without him. The child feels sensations are beyond reason, leads us to tears or laughter in moments of tragedy or happy, save us with his ingenuity, is a dream, vision, abstraction. The poet thus becomes a perfect figure that can bring out the feelings of young child, although this needs imperfection to be perfect.The adult instead is not perfect because he can not feel those emotions that the child can prove.

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Wrinkles of Pride

“Wrinkles? Don’t hide them. It took me a whole life to have them.” Anna Magnani 

Wrinkles are often seen by women as the fist enemy, the first expression of advancing age, the first alarm bell to fight against. So advertisings bombard us with advices and beauty secrets that could reduce them and  return to us a perfect skin. In total contrast whit this too common obsession, there is someone who recognizes the fair  value to the first wrinkle that grows. A wrinkle is a perfect mark  of the passage of time, the result of a fully lived life, the crack through which see a long history. In this view it becomes almost a pleasure to show, something to wear with pride.

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Fight Homologation Choosing Handmade!

In the era of uniformity and massification, where beauty standard ideas and choices of the products tend to suppress totally the originality and uniqueness of each object, choose a handcrafted product represents a real revolution. In this way the uniqueness of a product, and even every its construction defect, becomes the detail that makes “yours, only yours” a product. The imperfection of a handmade product becomes in this way the guarantees of a nice and authentic object, an effective solution for challenging conventional ideas of beauty and rebuilding your own ideas of beauty. Uniqueness becomes Beauty.

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Imperfect Beauty in Botero

In art, it is very hard to see a imperfect body. For this reason, “imperfect beauty” in Botero is very revolutionary. With his “fat bodies”, he challenges traditional canons of beauty in art, but also “beauty standards” artificially formulated by mass media. Even though these bodies are not perfect and thin, these women are sexy and beautiful anyway.



Wabi Sabi: Idea of Beauty

Nothing lasts forever,nothing is finished,nothing is perfect. Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics is an idea of beauty whose feature is acceptance of transience and imperfection. In its view change becomes criterion of beauty: the life of the flower and its three stages are expression of an authenticity whose beauty deviates from western traditional and predominant search for perfection, persistence, identity.Wabi Sabi is so realistic and essential view and still looks to the eyes of Westerns so revolutionary!


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