Lammily, Barbie imperfect with pimples and kg more

Lammily-Barbie, with its perfect forms, has always been an unattainable beauty ideal. Nickolay Lamm has created Lammily, the doll that plays a normal girl of 19 years. With spots, tattoos and stretch marks.
“Lammily”: has the most wide hips, smaller eyes and all forms to the right place. “All the fashion dolls look alike!set_lammily_acne_640 I wanted to give them a new, more realistic look, “said Lamm. Today, the artist decided to add to her also of the ‘accessories’ real Barbie. These stickers tattoos, cellulite, stretch marks and pimples, which can be applied to every point of the body of the doll. Lammily-stretch-marksLamm intends to show a natural body, also reproducing the classic problems on the toy that all teenagers are facing in the period of puberty. you can also customize the doll with freckles, glasses, points, scratches, scars, bruises, mosquito bites and various stains. Lamm intends to show the beauty of the ordinary girls, despite their flaws and their imperfections. Until now, no girls and no parent has complained yet, but indeed are many who they showed enthusiasm for the initiative and have complimented the artist.1297633038350_ORIGINAL

Martina Magrì

“Perfect Imperfection: The beauty of animals with Disabilities”


We’re Surrounded by photographs of Che portray dogs and cats in any situation and in any environment, but what happens when protagonists are marked by imperfections?
2wDog with three legs, at cat born without eyes, perfect imperfection Celebrate the inherent beauty of animals Having overcome adversity and adapted to a physical impairment.
Cearns says: “One of my goals More fans come animal photographer And What to capture the subtleties adorable Making All precious creatures and unique I love all animals What I have the privilege of photographing, but perceived Those arriving.” nnDifferent “a special place in my heart. These are the creatures Having lost a leg, born without eyes, or show again Scars of former abuse.
Most of the animals with” afflictions “do not dwell upon them. They fit to Their Bodies without Complaint and survive with determination. They push forward, always, Wanting to be included University and involved in everything, for much as possible, and How a pet is able-bodied. “

Martina Magrì

“Famous Paintings Photoshopped”


Francisco Goya, Nude Maya, 1797–1800

For years we talk about how to use Photoshop, and -in general- of editing has changed the common perception of the female body: in magazines and advertising we see long skinny bodies and free of imperfections, which never correspond to reality, but that they impose themselves as models and references, especially for so many young girls..


Raphael, Three Graces, 1504–1505

Of course it was not always so. In the course of art history, painters Titian and Rubens, Gauguin found the beauty in the bodies of women who would never have worn a size 0.Ma what would happen if the perfection of today’s canons were applied to famous works of art? The website Take Part took some of the masterpieces of the Renaissance and applied a coat of Photoshop, doing to slim the female protagonists of some paintings that are true masterpieces of art history.



Sandro Botticelli, Birth of Venus, 1486

Martina Magrì

“Photo retouching for imperfections”

dda1b0408b4b1ce2e4cccdca2c3a763b_650xEnough with fisicato model nonhuman limit. Welcome editing the contrary, which adds belly and love handles. Enough with the envy of the model all nice and fisicato, with abdominal turtle on display, shaved and fake. They send men around the world paranoi, giving the image of an anthropomorphic figure nonexistent. 3ccce8c5c241ebce2a07eba5fa98b5c3_650xDistractify finally comes to the aid of all people who have a lot to do and who can not stay in the gym two hours a day, so they are proudly equipped with love handles and bacon. So here comes the editing on the contrary, that instead of to refine their body to the limit of the non-human, adds the imperfection, the realism, neo-realism for which we Italians are famous Worldwide.


Martina Magrì

“The beauty in its imperfect form”

6907894104_ab60538b3f_zThese photographs were taken by photographer Julian Holtom who decided to capture a girl survived a fire. 5e2a2867ad5b6d8f3d5ad1303dd42a13








These are the words of the photographer:”As an artist my aim is to portray beauty in its imperfect form that can evoke new meaning to the beholder’s eyes. My work is dedicated to the Burn survivor community around the world; not only to represent all other burn survivors but to encourage and inspire greater self esteem. To prove scars are not something to be ashamed of but they can become one’s identity, they should never obscure a person’s perception of themselves nor hinder them from living life to the full. It is possible to overcome the emotional turmoil that comes with scars and that is our aim. “


Martina Magrì

“Human dilatations”

rw9-645x363Speaking of this project we talk about feminine beauty and photography, two worlds that cross each other, especially in this era in which technology to use the tools used to perform images that travel the border with the surreal.rw8-645x708 Lover of the small details of the human body that photography is able to locate in his goal, Roger Weiss likes to play with the expansion of the human body, just like the title of this fantastic series that you see below, Human dilatations, or a fragmented work and reassembly of a series of frames which create images of elongated bodies and very detailed in their natural beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic beauty standards with which bombardono us every day. rw13-645x732Mth001PH_Web-645x932Photography is thus his business card and the images that accompany these lines show us his concept of photography that affects the viewer’s gaze to his constant search of imperfection.rw20-645x472







Martina Magrì

“Photoshop in the real life”

1a6b03a905ed00e3687b8c72db345cfbDigital photography requires the use of Adobe Photoshop or at least a photo-editing program to do more or less intensive adjustments, the line between the constructive and the destructive editing, however, is very thin.7dffe0d04f44b9e54b78d36c59c4c35f It can be noted especially in photos of people, especially the models, and then in the landscapes that take color border on the surreal atmosphere that spent, while still remaining very pleasant.



80fcee2e13684abbdd238e91adba491aJoked a bit ‘on this imperfect natural and wild retouching, the Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi who in his porfolio “Photoshop in real life,” envisioned as would the daily life if, before the mirror, he could have the Photoshop tool a … dream for all women!



Martina Magrì

“Waterfall of bulbs broken: the beauty imperfection”

tumblr_nczzybuOym1qeyge2o3_1280More than an object of this cascade of light bulbs crushed and suspended in mid-air is an art installation created by the artist Ashley Wallis during her course at the Sheffield Hallam University in England.Suspended-Shattered-Light-Bulbs-2

An exhibition full of poetry and delicate ‘wants’ to explore the destructive nature of the elements, in particular fire and ice, as stated by the same designer.

Suspended-Shattered-Light-Bulbs-3The result is an object that gives off a soft light, but colored to create a relaxing atmosphere but sparkling: there is no doubt that the eyes go up!
The artist Ashley Wallis, has focused attention on the destruction of the elements. He then created a richly poetic system using suspended broken bulbs.

The result is a delicate sculpture, where the effects of colored lights accentuate the paradox between beauty and imperfection.


Martina Magrì

“Urban imperfections”

pothole_garden_01-by-Pete-DungeyWhen our city appears off, dirty and left to itself the first and best thing to do is, of course, report what is wrong to the proper authorities. But when the problems of the world around us question the livability of the city (and our good mood), nothing is better than a little  creativity and sense of citizenship. 3900746739_a9124a7e27_o If, for example, the streets of your cities suffer from chronic degradation, you can try to fill the hole and limit the damage by imitating the installation of “artistic restoration” of artists Pete Dungey and Juliana Santacruz Herrera. The first , in London , decided to highlight the issue of imperfections on the road surface in Britain using each hole as a planter and filling the streets of herbs and colorful flowers.Pothole-Gardens-by-Pete-Dungey-2962 Bella the idea of Parisian Juliana Santacruz Herrera, who turned the holes of his city in soft colorful cushions filling them with brightly colored fabrics.3900763873_e048462f6b_o3900756387_2c3bf3f0b3_o

Martina Magrì

“I di(af)fetti di Maddalena Vantaggi”


What happens to defective products factory objects (and not only) and one of those questions that I always tried to give an answer without ever actually find one sensible. My mother a few years ago, had a workshop of pottery and porcelain. Often he came across pieces defaultive or cooking in the oven failed badly. Events, which frustravano his day, giving it that typical sense of despair of those who work hard, producing a meager harvest. Not to mention the cost of disposal of defective parts.


Thread resolved by Maddalena Benefits, born in 1981 creative artist mother of (af project) defects. To (f) defects as you can imagine, it is nothing but the combination of the word “suffering” and “defects”. More than just a linguistic composition, however, the project is a concentrate of innovation, ecology, creative recycling, love for the environment, ability to create design objects aimed yes to beauty but also a conceptual message. defect26The defect becomes the main element of the object around which develops the artist’s ability to make something lovable by its very nature is considered wrong, wrong, not admissible. Identify the types of defects , Magdalene has created the graphics concept to be applied to objects in fact transforming the imperfection in a brilliant decorative sign and proving once again that design, creativity and sustainability always go hand in hand.


Martina Magrì


“Scars of life”


They are rebellious, anti-conventional and disruptive. Women who decide to get rid of the shadows and give the light in a photo the indestructible signs of the struggle against evil, eternal image of their transformation.
The protagonists of the photographic “Scars of Life” project went through the darkness of their souls broken to be reborn. They show themselves in front of goal by Daniele Deriu by showing their scars with pride. As well as the memory is the “scar” of life, the scars are our memories and tell “stories of life.” Superficially considered by most as mere disfigurement of body and beauty in this series I would like to show them how the symbols of a struggle that must be brought with pride.
The author says: “It is not my intention to send” comfort “messages. You never hear me say that these women are beautiful “despite” the scars or the inconvenience. They indeed possess a beauty that goes beyond certain models, with the “added value” – the stories etched on their skin – that make them unique, something to be admired and even a source of inspiration.

la-Renaissance_“At first I was convinced that the symbol of my womanhood had been snatched me away from my chest … now he performs the scar proudly, as a symbol of the birth of a woman better, stronger.”
(E. L., Paget’s disease)

smile_“Now, to all those who ask me the scar, I say it is my soul that tries to smile. ”
(Masha, thyroid cancer)

Im_fine_2_daniele_deriu“He is my sexy scars. Perhaps it says that just to make me feel better about myself … but the strange thing is that it works. You know what? I feel good.”
(Giorgia, Endometriosis stage IV)

Martina Magrì