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Contessa Rosafosca is a laboratory where there are projects and strictly handmade items made ​​with the belief that “beauty is not perfection: the imperfections, unique details, the mistakes make beautiful and personal collections of accessories, clothing and above all make it interesting and unique people. ” Contessa Rosafosca wants to shape an ancient tradition with new … joining present with future. Design and craft, a winning combination to propose new stimuli, creating shapes from harmonic lines capable of transferring the glass jewel a charming and elegant timeless style. Contessa Rosafosca is a trademark of OZ SIGN Cesaretto Silvia, a young graphic designer of Venetian origin. After working for seven years in the advertising agencies of Padua, Rovigo, Ferrara and Milan, in 2004 she moved to Switzerland, where she still lives and works as a graphic designer.

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: Contessa Rosafosca

The imperfection’s nonsense.

”Donna Moderna”,an italian magazine published an article about the imperfection. In this article imperfection is defined as the beauty nonsense. In this article the theme of imperfection is close to fashion trends. As far as hair,if in one hand there is the trend to be precise,on the other hand,there is the trend to be uncombed. As far as make-up trends, on one hand there is the trends to be very pefect and precise,on the other hand,lof of women prefer to be shade.
So in this article there is a question:Where is imperfection? What is imperfection?.
In this article the fashion model Daphne Groeneveld is considered the imperfection’s example.

Belen Rodriguez: ” I’m imperfect”

During the last Pitti fashion show Belen Rodriguez spoke about her life, her work and her private life.
Belen defines herself imperfect: “I’m imperfect,be perfect is boring. Now that I’m pregnant I can not be a model, so I decided to have fun creating new ideas for this collection. On Facebook I get so many messages of girls ask me advice on how to dress. ”
The private showgirl said: “For now I’m getting married. I am not convinced that a marriage can make an eternal relationship, for this there is need of love and commitment every day. At the end of the marriage is a contract, it’s like a contract of employment. I’m not saying that I will never marry, but I would make a good party, perhaps with a shepherd who gives a blessing. “Love the belly:” I’m almost seven months, I did not diet, but I did not take many pounds. I like myself so, because before I was too thin. “On behalf of the child, Santiago, anticipates:” It ‘a name I’ve always liked as a child. ”

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Ugly Betty: Imperfection Vs Perfection.

‘Ugly Betty” is a telefilm,in which the main character,Betty Suarez,is a journalist for a fashion magazione Mode. She is not beautiful,in fact she wear glasses and brace and she wear a lot of clothes that aren’t very beauty,but ugly.
In opposition to Betty there is Wilhelmina Slater who is beauty and who wear very good clothes.
For this reason, there is a competition between beauty: in fact,both of them represetn a style of beauty: Betty can be considered beautifully imperfect and Wilhelmina Slater
can be considered as beautifully perfect.. So in this telefilm there are perfection and imperfection.
Betty,during all episode starts to change and in the end she isn’t very ugly,but become beauty. So,the imperfection can be considered a character of this TV series. In addiction,there is also another thing to say: The actress who play the rule of Betty is America Ferrera. She is the opposite of Betty as far as the external asperct.

Cartoons: The beauty of imitation.

We all know who is Elvis Presley, the legendary singer and actor who has been a myth during all his life. For this reason,he was and he is considered perfect.
There was a musical band ”The Cartoons”,who during all thie performances were dressed in a way that imitated not only Elvis but also a lot of characters of cartoons. An other musical band who can be considered the Cartoons’s rival were Aqua.

Heterochromia: Imperfection in the eyes.

Heterocromia means the characteristic somatic of individuals whose eyes have an iris of a different color from the other. In the case of different colors in the same eye is called somatic mosaicism.
The heterochromia is not a feature mostly human, but is often found in 5% of some animals such as dogs, cats (especially in the variety of the Turkish Van Van Kedi in which heterochromia is part of the genetic standard), the horse .
The heterochromia in human beings is a phenomenon that affects about 1% of people.
Usually both are identifiable characteristics from birth, although they may be acquired later in life. It was once believed that eye color depended on a single gene, but genetic studies have shown that eye color is polygenic, that is due to the interaction of several factors.

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres: Impefect/Perfect Art

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres was a french painter. During his life,he realized a lot of work,but heconcentrated his attention on the portraits of women,in which he usually deformed a body part. For example,he realized ”The Great Odalisque” and ”The Valpincon baither”. In both of them,the back of women is not regular.


Piero Chiambretti: “The beauty of perfection? The imperfection”.

Piero Chiambretti is an italian showman. He partecipated at the last edition of Milanesiana,the theme of ehich has been the imperfection. During his performance,Chiambretti has read a text that was written by the same italian showman.
Here there is a text’s transltion,but in the end there is also the source in which there is the original text,that is in italian.

When the Milanesiana’s queen Elisabetta Sgarbi in a hotel’shall in Turn,near at the the Salone del Libro,with a very deternmined air said to me:” For you I have a perfect thing” I thought to a performance about the crisis of rejection of TV,or about the mass comunication,or,about the legend of Big Turin.
It wasn’t so. The theme of this edition is the imperfection. I ask to myself which was the relation between me and this theme. I spent a lot of days to find an answer,that,for fortuity,looking in the mirror,I arrived at the truth. The sociologist of Houston , Brenè Brown,wrote an interesting book entitled ”The imperfection’s talent”,in which she show the defect as a new taste’s horizon. Defects and the courage to show them are considered now as symbol of personality and particularity. The austrian aphorist and writer Karl Kraus,about this theme was lapidary: ”To be perfect the only thing missing to her was a defect”.
The perfection’s obsession during the last decades found in the scalpel a faithful tool.
When everything is perfect,it’s the moment to be more worry.
Noses,mouths,cheeks,breasts,crow’s feet,they all made available to the achievement of the masterpiece.
Shame that true perfection is the imperfection. It’s enough to take a ride to the streets to note how cosmetic surgery is the true litmus test of this concept. Monsters we find are sublimes and happy about their adjustments. I saw in some bar,women laughingas camels,in TV,girls transformed in gas cylinders,on the catwalks designers who seem masks to Viareggio Carnival .
Rita Levi Montalcini during one hundred and one years , has never been to the beautician. My compatriot has published a book entitled ”Praise to the imperfection”,in which she write without fear,that her life has been imperfect. Not surplisingly she earned a Nobel Prize in 1986. I wonder ,if she is not perfect,who is perfect? Dolce and Gabbana?. Striving for excellence excites you,aspire to the perfection distress you. The imperfection is perfect. A paradox that has deep roots: Empedocles,Aristotle,and the more contemporary Bruno Vespa ,support the contention that if the world were perfect could not improve.
Billy Wilder comes to my aid when he says “No one is perfect.” I look and do not see myself perfect, but complete with all necessary parts. The best perfection is imperfection.
Is called perfect person who can reach his goal. In life I wanted to be high.
Seven years was very high, at fifteen I was the same, ie low.
I did not grow due to a problem in a gland, said to my mother some endocrinologists, “The face do a bit of these injections, it gains a few inches safe.” I bucarono my ass for six months, then it was discovered that the treatment was against the ‘orchitis.
I came two testicles touching the ground. The feeling of drag testicles along the sidewalk at the risk of stepping on, was to feel even smaller.
Imperfect, to be perfect for the comic.
It was my luck.


Christian Faur: The New Horizon of Pixel Art

What is pixel art? The pixel art is a form of digital art. It is a technique for constructing images that follows in the footsteps of the current divisionism (pointillism), whose greatest representative was Georges Seurat.
Nowadays there is a men,or better an artist who make pixel art but using crayons.
Here there is the source in which there are some images of Christian Faur ‘s works.

Kim Foster Gallery


Isabel Wilkerson: “I wanted people who were beautifully imperfect”

Isabel Wilkerson is an american writer who was born in 1961 and who won a Pulitzer Price,a journalism’s price. She is famous thanks to his books,in particular thanks to “The Warmth of the other suns:The epic story of America’s Great Migration”. She spent 15 years to reporting and writing this book. The book’s purpose is to tell to readers the chronicles of the migration of 6 million black Americans out of the South and into the North and the West from 1915 to the 1970s. The book intertwines a general history and statistical analysis of the entire period, and the biographies of three persons: a sharecropper’s wife who left Mississippi in the 1930s for Chicago, named Ida Mae Brandon Gladney; an agricultural worker, George Swanson Starling, who left Florida for New York City in the 1940s; and Robert Joseph Pershing Foster, a doctor who left Louisiana in the early 1950s, for Los Angeles.
During a conference to present the book,she said that the the hardest thing to do for her was choose the characters. As far as the characters’emotions she said: ” These people wanted their stories told. They were the ones who spurred me on in the end. They wanted people to know what they had endured. They had lived with this for so long, that they were in some ways unburdening themselves”. About their characters,she said: “I wanted people who were beautifully imperfect. Perfection is not real, and readers cannot identify with people presented as perfect. I wanted to find people who were at peace with their mistakes and with the things they had done not particularly well. I wanted people who were willing to be who they really, truly were.”


Elisabeth of Austria: Perfection make imperfection

Elisabeth of Austria or simply Sissi, was born in 1837 and in her life a lot of things happened. When she was sixteen,she married his cousin,the Emperor Of Austria,Franz Joseph 1°. She is an historical icon. During her life,she had a lot of problems.
Elisabeth had a lot of passions,including horses,that she loved.
But the Empress of Austria can be considered an imperfect beauty. In fact, the real woman wanted to be perfect and so she took care of her hair,but she was a thinness maniac: she was very thin. Elisabeth’s thinness was due to his research of perfection,but actually, she was not perfect. In addition his thinness caused her a depression that increased when in January,30th, 1889,the son,Rudolph committed suicide to Mayerling afetr murdering the lover,Maria Vetsera.
In the end,Elisabeth is a symbol to how the research of perfection provoke imperfection,not only to the body,but also to the soul of a person.


Wabi-sabi: the beautiful imperferction in Japan

Wabi-sabi is a visual of Japanese world,based on the transience of the things. Wabi-sabi is also described as ”beautiful imperfect”,and it is close to Buddhism and to his anitya.
Wabi today identified the rustic simplicity, freshness or silence, and can be applied to both natural and artificial objects, or understated elegance.
Sabi is beauty or serenity that accompanies advancing age, when the life of the object and its impermanence are highlighted by patina and wear, or any visible repairs.

This source in in italian.

Simona Atzori: an (im)perfect dancer and painter

Simona Atzori was born without hands but she has a lot of fortitude and wilpower so now she is a dancer and a painter and she was also present during the last edition on Sanremo’s festival.

Here there is a Simona’s performance as dancer

Here there is her performance during Sanremo

and here there is a video in which she paints. This last video is in Italian.

Imperfection make news

In a lot of cases, there is imperfection in chronicle’ s news. Sometimes a video can be usefull to understand something and also as a document. If a video is made by an ”amateur reporter”, it is imperfect but above all it make news.
We have a lot of videos made by people who are not journalists.
Here there are some examples: