Physical Transformation

We can see actors transformed to fit completely into the character of a film in which they starred . Some of the transformations are truly amazing , it’s not just the makeup and hair , but also to actual physical changes, such as haircuts , losses or drastic weight gain . In short , being an actor is not a walk , and it’s not just money and fame , we must also make compromises and sometimes change things about their appearance they do not want to ever change . It must be said that some of these actors are really transformed beyond recognition , it will surprise you to find out who they really are few movie characters who may have seen.

Chiara Barbera

Tattoos Over Scars

Scars are part of our lives, but when it’s too hard to live with them, the solution of tattoos over scars can help people to feel better. Recently, great progress has been made in plastic surgery thanks to tattoo art. Breast cancer survivors with mastectomy surgery scars are now able to reclaim their femininity with lovely tattoos, as well as burnt persons, with re-pigmentation. People with surgery, accident and self-harm scars, as well as stretch marks, often call on tattoo artists’ services to help them. It is a process full of emotions, which requires tact and experience. Each scar has got its solution, but also its difficulties. So, if you want to cover a scar with a tattoo, please find the time to make your researches and choose a tattoo artists with a solid experience in tattooing scars. If your tattoo artists is not enough experienced, the lines could blow or look quirky. If it is possible to insert ink in scar tissues, the result won’t look the same as in the rest of the tattoo. Also, if you had nerve damages, the tattoo can be more painful than expected.

Chiara Barbera

Bycicle Chains

Carolina Fontoura Alzaga , who wanders from landfill to landfill in search of old bikes , from which dissect pieces like circles and chains , and then build beautiful industrial chandeliers from classic form.
She makes these chandeliers because her passion for ecology.
After all this is art!

Chiara Barbera

Tim burton’s Female Characters

Tim burton has created and creates many female characters . Despite having scars , they come from a dark world , they are not very nice ,
Who has not really fall in love looking at them in his films ?
I think that characters like “Corpse Bride ” or ” Sally ” or ” the queen of hearts ” hit the viewer fully for their charm .

Chiara Barbera

Wood Horses

Heather Jansch realized some sculptures with pieces of wood taken from the sea or during her walk trough the nature.
She loves drawing and she loves horses. In 2000 she bought a house in a valley, in which she created a sculptures’ garden.
Twice a years she opens her house to people.

Chiara Barbera

Albino Animals

Given the myriad of colors we see in the animal kingdom, seeing a purely white animal can be an unsettling but magical experience. Albino animals, as well as rare all-white species and leucistic creatures, are the same as any other animals, but with a coloration that makes them (sometimes literally) one in a million.
Albinism is an umbrella term that covers a variety of genetic pigmentation disorders. Most creatures born with albinism are born with white or pink skin and fur, and some (not all) have reddish or violet eyes as well. Albinism is associated with poor eyesight and a higher susceptibility to skin cancers, but animals and people with albinism are otherwise no different from their peers. Leucism is a similar condition that can affect a wider array of pigments than albinism does.

Chiara Barbera

Drugs Under The Microscope

We can see a sequence of photos that represent some drugs which, under a microscope, seem an artistic compositions.
Sarah Schoenfeld realized this project being in the night clubs of Berlin, where she worked on the effects of this drugs on people.
She decided to reproduce them splattering these molecules on a film and exaggerate the images.
The sense is to evoke , through bright colors and strange shapes , the effects of each drug on the brain.

ValiumMefredoneCocaineCrysthal MethLSDKetamineOppiumEcstasyKetamineHeroine

Chiara Barbera

Cracked Log Lamps

Artist Duncan Meerding has crafted a beautiful line of lamps that can be used as stools or tables from salvaged logs that were considered to be imperfect because of the deep cracks and crevices within the wood and destined to be burned. Instead, Meerding used the imperfections to allow the light to playfully peek through, beautifully lighting the way indoors or out.
The Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been burnt. These lamps embrace, rather than avoid the naturally occurring cracks in refuse logs. By turning them into a vessel for light, we can bring the outside in, and be reminded of our intrinsic connection with nature. The warm yellow light coming through each lamps unique light pattern highlights the fiery fate that the salvaged timber would have otherwise been exposed to. These lamps embrace the cracks often avoided in timber based designs – pushing the light through the things often associated with darkness. Before turning on the Cracked Log Lamp, often a person would think it is purely just a log of wood.


Chiara Barbera

Francesca Woodman

Francesca Woodman committed suicide at age 23. She was a famous photographer. Despite her photos are very interesting and fascinating,
She wanted to represent dead, anxiety, depression and sadness through domestic architecture , claustrophobic space of the rooms open to an interior dimension. The body is main element: it enters into a relationship with the objects that surround it.
The headless portraits , blurry images , bodies in motion evade from reality.

Chiara Barbera

Famous Musicians Portaits

There are some famous musicians portraits created with a lot of old CDs.

“For the inauguration of First Floor Under, a pop-vanguard culture magazine, artists Moreno De Turco and Mirco Pagano spent more than 200 hours lining up the CDs to recreate the portraits of seven world-famous musicians including Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimmy Hendrix,Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury.
The project was a part of TBWA Italy’s campaign against music piracy. What’s amazing is that they made these incredible CD portraits using nothing but 6500 of musicians’ own albums!”

Michael Jackson
Bob MarleyJimi HendrixFreddie MercuryElvis PresleyJim MorrisonJames Brown

Chiara Barbera

I’m No Angel by Lane Bryant

The Lane Bryant #IMNOANGEL initiative celebrates women of all shapes and sizes by redefining society’s traditional notion of sexy with a powerful core message: ALL women are sexy,” the brand says.

It’s a direct dig at Victoria’s Secret, and social media is loving it.  Women have jumped on the trending hashtag, posting their own photos and declarations with #ImNoAngel.

Ashley Graham, one of the stars of the Lane Bryant campaign (she was also in that Swimsuits for All ad in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue), posted a fun photo  to Instagram yesterday, writing: “On the F train, literally. Can’t hide these curves!!!”.


Some curvy modelsA curvy modelModel