What is conventionally called “Beautiful”?

From Brazil: I am so proud to be a Mum of my 2 beautiful daughters. Beautiful in my eyes of course, and hopefully in others eyes too. But what is beauty? I was born with a face and body that seemed to fall outside of what is conventionally called “beautiful” and was encouraged by doctors as a child to undergo plastic surgery to normalise my face. This started at 3 years old and continued though many hospital visits until age 20.”


“Now at 41, I still do not have a “conventional”appearance but have finally reached a point of acceptance in myself where my sense of self worth and happiness is not greatly affected by my appearance. This has taken years of self development work through Buddhism and Psychotherapy and has left me with a deep sense of compassion and understanding for all people whatever their appearance.”


“Having my beautiful girls arrive through the wonder of my body has strengthened that self acceptance and really allowed me to rejoice in being human and embodied. And how wonderful that they don’t have to go through what I did.”



Clarice Armiento