Photomontages, Richard Vergez

Collage is a technique devised in the early twentieth century to the creation of avant-garde works, initially adopted by exponents of Cubism, and later took on more complex three-dimensional features in the Neo-Dada and Pop Art movements.
vergez_coverVisionary abstract structures, sparse and clean-cut that we find also in the unusual montages of visual artists of Cuban-American Richard Vergez origins, whose minimalist iconography combines human and technological elements, distilling syntactic snapshots from a modern identity in rapid transformation, in an attempt the disenchanted and playful acceptance.
vergez_1His absurd compositions are inspired by the Dada movement, Surrealism, the Russian dell’avanguardiacostruttivista techniques, however, passing over: the clean geometry and balanced use of negative space creates a singular focus on the narrative of the image, which becomes powerful, direct and unexpectedly tangible.
vergez_4The inventiveness of Vergez is not confined only to the field of graphic design: its production also involves the contamination of other artistic fields such as experimental music and video making. Through the use of outdated materials and ephemeral, he aims to recover a dream state linked to childhood and post-punk influences of a bygone era MTV.

Francesco Marino