Perfect, this is the word that haunts Justin Jedlica

This 33 year-old New York is now internationally known as the “Ken human” through the choice that has followed over the last 10 years to undergo several surgeries, today arrived at an altitude of 90, to try to reach the ideal of beauty represented by Barbie’s companion.
The parts of his body are very few if not void that have not been touched by the scalpel: the nose, in particular is one that has undergone the greatest number of interventions, because well 5, to said Justin, was too large and had getting smaller and perfect desired!

24DBA93C00000578-2918318-image-m-2_1421764270123Uomo-Ken-570-7339853-400-629-1-100-justin-cop.pngUomo-Ken-570-8 Uomo-Ken-570-1Uomo-Ken-570-2Uomo-Ken-570-5 Uomo-Ken-570Uomo-Ken-570-4justin-jedlica-disposto-a-tutto-per-somigliare-a-kenHe fails to draw attention away from his goal that does not allow him to see the reality, made of plastic forms, stiff and unnatural.