“Perfect Imperfection: The beauty of animals with Disabilities”


We’re Surrounded by photographs of Che portray dogs and cats in any situation and in any environment, but what happens when protagonists are marked by imperfections?
2wDog with three legs, at cat born without eyes, perfect imperfection Celebrate the inherent beauty of animals Having overcome adversity and adapted to a physical impairment.
Cearns says: “One of my goals More fans come animal photographer And What to capture the subtleties adorable Making All precious creatures and unique I love all animals What I have the privilege of photographing, but perceived Those arriving.” nnDifferent “a special place in my heart. These are the creatures Having lost a leg, born without eyes, or show again Scars of former abuse.
Most of the animals with” afflictions “do not dwell upon them. They fit to Their Bodies without Complaint and survive with determination. They push forward, always, Wanting to be included University and involved in everything, for much as possible, and How a pet is able-bodied. “

Martina Magrì