“Les Voyageurs”

The picture of the sculpture is so remarkable I think that it cannot be real. It must be a photograph, digitally altered by a master.


But it is real. The sculpture is just one of several in a display called “Les Voyageurs” by a man named Bruno Catalano. They are sculptures that show men and women travelers. Each has some sort of bag or suitcase with them. It is clear they are on a journey. But the thing that makes them stand out, that makes such an impression on me is that each of them have a significant piece missing from the center of their bodies. As though they are leaving a part of themselves behind or as though they are leaving to search for the part of their bodies that is incomplete.

brunocatalano011                            bronze_de_bruno_catalano_esplanade_bargemon_marseille

They are works of art, sculptures that resonate with the modern-day soul. Sculptures that tell the story of the nomad, the pilgrim, the traveler, the refugee, the immigrant. They are incomplete and imperfect, yet that is what makes them so beautiful, so unique. They are beautifully imperfect. 

C_4_foto_1028642_image                       bruno-catalano-feeldesain-09

There are many in our world who perceive themselves like these sculptures, as though they have missing pieces. There are those of us who feel we are not whole, that we are missing vital organs. The vital organs may be a place, a person, a community brought about by a death, a move, a crisis. And we see this as a problem, a flaw, something that needs to be remedied. But these sculptures tell a different story, taking something that we see as a deficit and turning it into an extraordinary and beautiful work of art. These travelers are beautifully imperfect.


Silvia Tosto