Lammily, Barbie imperfect with pimples and kg more

Lammily-Barbie, with its perfect forms, has always been an unattainable beauty ideal. Nickolay Lamm has created Lammily, the doll that plays a normal girl of 19 years. With spots, tattoos and stretch marks.
“Lammily”: has the most wide hips, smaller eyes and all forms to the right place. “All the fashion dolls look alike!set_lammily_acne_640 I wanted to give them a new, more realistic look, “said Lamm. Today, the artist decided to add to her also of the ‘accessories’ real Barbie. These stickers tattoos, cellulite, stretch marks and pimples, which can be applied to every point of the body of the doll. Lammily-stretch-marksLamm intends to show a natural body, also reproducing the classic problems on the toy that all teenagers are facing in the period of puberty. you can also customize the doll with freckles, glasses, points, scratches, scars, bruises, mosquito bites and various stains. Lamm intends to show the beauty of the ordinary girls, despite their flaws and their imperfections. Until now, no girls and no parent has complained yet, but indeed are many who they showed enthusiasm for the initiative and have complimented the artist.1297633038350_ORIGINAL

Martina Magrì