The beauty of Decay


                                                          ” ALBERTO BURRI”


   Matter, especially when he tells of his “suffering” is extremely expressive. And this is also    the goal of Alberto Burri when, in the fifties, began to paste on canvas pieces of jute, burned plastic films or strange mixtures capable of fracturing as parched clods.


The beauty of imperfection is carried by Burri to the nth degree when he realizes the Great Cretto, a work of land art that incorporates the ruins of Gibellina, a city destroyed by the earthquake of Belice, Sicily, in 1968.


   The desolate expanse of concrete is excavated, as in fractured paintings, from the       grooves that trace the route of the original streets. As a large tombstone has the remains of a town wiped off the map by the violence of nature. So there’s a beauty in everything, there’s a story in every object.