“Photo retouching for imperfections”

dda1b0408b4b1ce2e4cccdca2c3a763b_650xEnough with fisicato model nonhuman limit. Welcome editing the contrary, which adds belly and love handles. Enough with the envy of the model all nice and fisicato, with abdominal turtle on display, shaved and fake. They send men around the world paranoi, giving the image of an anthropomorphic figure nonexistent. 3ccce8c5c241ebce2a07eba5fa98b5c3_650xDistractify finally comes to the aid of all people who have a lot to do and who can not stay in the gym two hours a day, so they are proudly equipped with love handles and bacon. So here comes the editing on the contrary, that instead of to refine their body to the limit of the non-human, adds the imperfection, the realism, neo-realism for which we Italians are famous Worldwide.


Martina Magrì