“Photoshop in the real life”

1a6b03a905ed00e3687b8c72db345cfbDigital photography requires the use of Adobe Photoshop or at least a photo-editing program to do more or less intensive adjustments, the line between the constructive and the destructive editing, however, is very thin.7dffe0d04f44b9e54b78d36c59c4c35f It can be noted especially in photos of people, especially the models, and then in the landscapes that take color border on the surreal atmosphere that spent, while still remaining very pleasant.



80fcee2e13684abbdd238e91adba491aJoked a bit ‘on this imperfect natural and wild retouching, the Hungarian photographer Flóra Borsi who in his porfolio “Photoshop in real life,” envisioned as would the daily life if, before the mirror, he could have the Photoshop tool a … dream for all women!


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Martina Magrì