“Human dilatations”

rw9-645x363Speaking of this project we talk about feminine beauty and photography, two worlds that cross each other, especially in this era in which technology to use the tools used to perform images that travel the border with the surreal.rw8-645x708 Lover of the small details of the human body that photography is able to locate in his goal, Roger Weiss likes to play with the expansion of the human body, just like the title of this fantastic series that you see below, Human dilatations, or a fragmented work and reassembly of a series of frames which create images of elongated bodies and very detailed in their natural beauty that goes beyond the aesthetic beauty standards with which bombardono us every day. rw13-645x732Mth001PH_Web-645x932Photography is thus his business card and the images that accompany these lines show us his concept of photography that affects the viewer’s gaze to his constant search of imperfection.rw20-645x472







Martina Magrì