The Best Lingerie Comes in All Sizes

When a fashion & celebrity powerhouse like Vogue speaks, people listen. And the message they were sending when they did this epic photo shoot was positively shouting that it is high time for the idea of there being one standard of beauty to be tossed out the window.
This photo shoot brought joy to every curvy woman out there who has ever bemoaned the sad state of affairs when it comes to find sexy lingerie. Finally, Vogue US acknowledges what we already know- that the fuller figured women of the world want to feel feminine, sassy, and sultry as well. For the past six years, Full Figured Fashion Week has given the plus size fashion community something to rally behind and to bring us together.

This past June, when Gwen DeVoe shared that this would be the last one, many were left questioning what will bring us all back together again? Well, much to our surprise, a major sponsor has stepped up to the plate to make this happen! FFFWeek will be back for 2015 and we could NOT be happier.tara-lynn-pile-magazine-madison-plus-02 top-10-plus-size-fashion-moments-of-20142 plus-size-models-vogue-lingerie04Belio_ENVY_by_WACOAL