“Waterfall of bulbs broken: the beauty imperfection”

tumblr_nczzybuOym1qeyge2o3_1280More than an object of this cascade of light bulbs crushed and suspended in mid-air is an art installation created by the artist Ashley Wallis during her course at the Sheffield Hallam University in England.Suspended-Shattered-Light-Bulbs-2

An exhibition full of poetry and delicate ‘wants’ to explore the destructive nature of the elements, in particular fire and ice, as stated by the same designer.

Suspended-Shattered-Light-Bulbs-3The result is an object that gives off a soft light, but colored to create a relaxing atmosphere but sparkling: there is no doubt that the eyes go up!
The artist Ashley Wallis, has focused attention on the destruction of the elements. He then created a richly poetic system using suspended broken bulbs.

The result is a delicate sculpture, where the effects of colored lights accentuate the paradox between beauty and imperfection.


Martina Magrì