Two moms celebrating real women, real bodies and real self love on Instagram.


“For years I hated my saggy breast and lines. Hated them with a passion. As I got older, I realized there’s nothing I can do and just learned to accept them. Today I wear them proudly. Proud and grateful that I’m able to produce 40 ounces of milk daily while others struggle to squeeze out 2. Knowing that I’m able to provide the best for my child is worth every line.”


“It wasn’t easy to carry these lines. Now I’m wearing them with pride. I call them my side of Sunbursts.”


“I’ve always had lines right from high school even though I was skinny and I was so self conscious about them.  Until I recently stumbled upon this project on tumblr and I saw how people embraced their lines and wore them with pride. Now I have learnt to accept them in all their beauty.”


“I got pregnant when I was 16. I was constantly depressed. I had few friends, frequently I ate lunch in a bathroom stall or with one of the school security guards for company. I thought my life was over. On top of all my worries I was getting terrible purple marks all over my belly, sides and breasts. Today I attend university to pursue a career in law. My daughter walks and runs, and I would gladly take a thousand of those all over my body to be where I am right now.”



Clarice Armiento