Óscar Muñoz

He is a Colombian artist.
images-18 His work is characterized by the use of multiple technical resources such as drawing, photography, video, installations and engraving ; using different materials.

Muñoz refers frequently to vital aspects such as the physical phenomena of corporeality , temporality , the ephemeral , disintegration , disappearance and memory.

One of his works is called : Shower curtains


In this installation, five curtains conventional bathroom recorded images of bodies in typical poses adopted by who takes a bath.


The technique by Muñoz is the result of an experiment, when he  put into play the watering dripping ink on his work previously done in the shade.


The drawing of the body undergoes a process of decomposition and becomes a stain that evokes the image of the original body in ink and also books a sense of movement even though the images that are still.


Muñoz’s work is assembled from smart games with materials where there is a critique of social realities that marked their immediate context: the forced disappearance, displacement from the countryside to the city, the practice of throwing the bodies victims of violence to Cauca river, among others.