“Urban imperfections”

pothole_garden_01-by-Pete-DungeyWhen our city appears off, dirty and left to itself the first and best thing to do is, of course, report what is wrong to the proper authorities. But when the problems of the world around us question the livability of the city (and our good mood), nothing is better than a little  creativity and sense of citizenship. 3900746739_a9124a7e27_o If, for example, the streets of your cities suffer from chronic degradation, you can try to fill the hole and limit the damage by imitating the installation of “artistic restoration” of artists Pete Dungey and Juliana Santacruz Herrera. The first , in London , decided to highlight the issue of imperfections on the road surface in Britain using each hole as a planter and filling the streets of herbs and colorful flowers.Pothole-Gardens-by-Pete-Dungey-2962 Bella the idea of Parisian Juliana Santacruz Herrera, who turned the holes of his city in soft colorful cushions filling them with brightly colored fabrics.3900763873_e048462f6b_o3900756387_2c3bf3f0b3_o

Martina Magrì