Plus size models

It’s been a slow and steady battle, but bodies of all shapes and sizes are slowly starting to get some recognition in the fashion industry. Plus size models like Tess Holliday and Ashley Graham are booking gigs like crazy, and everyone is starting to see that variety will only make things better. One perfect example of this is Dexter Mayfield, a California-based dancer and now, bonafide plus-size model who absolutely killed it on the runway for Marco Marco.

At Marco Marco’s Los Angeles Fashion Week show, Mayfield took the runway alongside plenty of RuPaul’s Drag Race winners, and the world went absolutely nuts. Mostly because he has the fiercest walk of all time. Like, seriously, if you are ever feeling down on yourself and need to portray total confidence, channel Mayfield. His self-assured strut is the inspiration we all need in our lives.

Mayfield instantly broke the internet when the footage of him slaying hit the web. When asked about his confidence, Mayfield told Buzzfeed, “Being a professional dancer, I already know the pressure of not fitting into the typical look of what a dancer should be. So stepping into modeling and walking the runway, that pressure is compounded even more.”
Born and raised in Dallas he first discovered his love for dance in church, later moving to Los Angeles where he’s danced in Jennifer Lopez and Sara Bareilles music videos.

Having worked for big US brands including Target, Dreamworks, and Verizon and choreographed a stage show called Posers, which are impersonators – he’s already on the road to success.

Now Dexter has turned his attention to the world of fashion proving it needs a fun injection after comedian Sam Kalidi posted the lingerie designer’s footage to Facebook and amassed almost three million views in just two days.

From left to right: Kelvin Davis, Dexter Mayfield, Zach Miko