“I di(af)fetti di Maddalena Vantaggi”


What happens to defective products factory objects (and not only) and one of those questions that I always tried to give an answer without ever actually find one sensible. My mother a few years ago, had a workshop of pottery and porcelain. Often he came across pieces defaultive or cooking in the oven failed badly. Events, which frustravano his day, giving it that typical sense of despair of those who work hard, producing a meager harvest. Not to mention the cost of disposal of defective parts.


Thread resolved by Maddalena Benefits, born in 1981 creative artist mother of (af project) defects. To (f) defects as you can imagine, it is nothing but the combination of the word “suffering” and “defects”. More than just a linguistic composition, however, the project is a concentrate of innovation, ecology, creative recycling, love for the environment, ability to create design objects aimed yes to beauty but also a conceptual message. defect26The defect becomes the main element of the object around which develops the artist’s ability to make something lovable by its very nature is considered wrong, wrong, not admissible. Identify the types of defects , Magdalene has created the graphics concept to be applied to objects in fact transforming the imperfection in a brilliant decorative sign and proving once again that design, creativity and sustainability always go hand in hand.


Martina Magrì

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