“Scars of life”


They are rebellious, anti-conventional and disruptive. Women who decide to get rid of the shadows and give the light in a photo the indestructible signs of the struggle against evil, eternal image of their transformation.
The protagonists of the photographic “Scars of Life” project went through the darkness of their souls broken to be reborn. They show themselves in front of goal by Daniele Deriu by showing their scars with pride. As well as the memory is the “scar” of life, the scars are our memories and tell “stories of life.” Superficially considered by most as mere disfigurement of body and beauty in this series I would like to show them how the symbols of a struggle that must be brought with pride.
The author says: “It is not my intention to send” comfort “messages. You never hear me say that these women are beautiful “despite” the scars or the inconvenience. They indeed possess a beauty that goes beyond certain models, with the “added value” – the stories etched on their skin – that make them unique, something to be admired and even a source of inspiration.

la-Renaissance_“At first I was convinced that the symbol of my womanhood had been snatched me away from my chest … now he performs the scar proudly, as a symbol of the birth of a woman better, stronger.”
(E. L., Paget’s disease)

smile_“Now, to all those who ask me the scar, I say it is my soul that tries to smile. ”
(Masha, thyroid cancer)

Im_fine_2_daniele_deriu“He is my sexy scars. Perhaps it says that just to make me feel better about myself … but the strange thing is that it works. You know what? I feel good.”
(Giorgia, Endometriosis stage IV)

Martina Magrì