Belen Rodriguez: ” I’m imperfect”

During the last Pitti fashion show Belen Rodriguez spoke about her life, her work and her private life.
Belen defines herself imperfect: “I’m imperfect,be perfect is boring. Now that I’m pregnant I can not be a model, so I decided to have fun creating new ideas for this collection. On Facebook I get so many messages of girls ask me advice on how to dress. ”
The private showgirl said: “For now I’m getting married. I am not convinced that a marriage can make an eternal relationship, for this there is need of love and commitment every day. At the end of the marriage is a contract, it’s like a contract of employment. I’m not saying that I will never marry, but I would make a good party, perhaps with a shepherd who gives a blessing. “Love the belly:” I’m almost seven months, I did not diet, but I did not take many pounds. I like myself so, because before I was too thin. “On behalf of the child, Santiago, anticipates:” It ‘a name I’ve always liked as a child. ”

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