Urs Fischer : Shameless Imperfections in Impressive Works

Urs Fischer, with the huge success of his expositions in Paris and Venice, is one of the most important contemporary artist.

Three main reasons to love his works:

1. He is totally crazy and visionary.

“Urs Fischer’s universe is made of logic and absurd things, illusion and reality, made of violence and humor, of eternity and ephemeral” (Caroline Fischer, commissioner of the exposition “Madame Fischer”)

2. His art is ‘participative’.

“My creations start from improvisation. I try a lot before strenghtening them. It comes from childrens, too, who visit regularly my atelier”

3. His art is simple and accessible.

“Everytime the exposition does not appear as a traditional event, neither a retrospection, but an introspection, an invite to penetrate within his personal bubble” (one of his gallery owner)

Source (in French):http://agencevertu.com/blog2012/?portfolio=urs-fischer-une-oeuvre-imposante-empreinte-dimperfection-insolente