Ugly Betty: Imperfection Vs Perfection.

‘Ugly Betty” is a telefilm,in which the main character,Betty Suarez,is a journalist for a fashion magazione Mode. She is not beautiful,in fact she wear glasses and brace and she wear a lot of clothes that aren’t very beauty,but ugly.
In opposition to Betty there is Wilhelmina Slater who is beauty and who wear very good clothes.
For this reason, there is a competition between beauty: in fact,both of them represetn a style of beauty: Betty can be considered beautifully imperfect and Wilhelmina Slater
can be considered as beautifully perfect.. So in this telefilm there are perfection and imperfection.
Betty,during all episode starts to change and in the end she isn’t very ugly,but become beauty. So,the imperfection can be considered a character of this TV series. In addiction,there is also another thing to say: The actress who play the rule of Betty is America Ferrera. She is the opposite of Betty as far as the external asperct.